A Closer Look at Finnair Business Class: What to Expect

Flying with Finnair Business Class is no ordinary experience – it’s a luxurious one. Here, we take you closer to what Finnair offers when you choose its business-class service: first-rate hospitality, super comfortable surroundings, and an operation that runs like clockwork.

We look at the roomy seating layout on its planes, how good food and drink are served up in great style, plus all the extra things that can make a difference during your journey.

Don’t worry if you’re not someone who flies frequently for work, either. This guide is aimed at anyone who wants to see what going beyond the economy might feel like.

Why Should You Choose Finnair Business Class?

If you’re looking for an airline with excellent service and amenities, Finnair Business Class is worth considering. Here are some of the things that set Finnair apart from other airlines.

Airport Experience

Finnair Business Class guarantees a smooth start to your journey at the airport. From the second you arrive, you’ll be taken care of.

One of the best things about flying in Finnair Business Class is getting into their private lounges. They’re quite something. Peaceful places away from all the noise where you can chill before your flight.

Catch up on some emails in peace (there are quiet spaces for that), and use free Wi-Fi to stream some music or TV shows if that’s what makes you happy. Or just sit back and relax with delicious snacks plus drinks from around the world: there’s plenty available!

What’s more, if you fly in Finnair Business Class, you get to check in ahead of everyone else. It means less time waiting around at the desk. Instead, you can whizz through check-in and on to security, where you’ll have plenty more opportunities to relax or explore.

Finnair has pretty generous baggage allowances, too. One small bag and one piece of carry-on luggage are included in your ticket price (together, they must weigh no more than 12 kg/26.5 lb).

If your journey starts or ends at any of these destinations: Asia, North America, or The Middle East, then two checked bags weighing up to 32 kilograms each are allowed. Otherwise, it’s just one bag per person (max weight: 23 kilos).

Comfortable Seats

When it comes to making sure you have a relaxing and enjoyable journey, Finnair Business Class makes an extra effort. While short-haul flights within Europe feature standard Economy Class seats, there are still some special treats in store.

On flights operated by the Airbus A321, A320, or A319 fleet, they keep the middle seat empty so that you have more room – and more privacy, too.

For long-haul flights on the Airbus A350 or A330 aircraft (planes), Finnair offers its luxurious long-haul Business Class seats, designed with your travel comfort and privacy uppermost in mind.

Between 2022 and 2024, the cabin is being completely renewed, updating both the premium Nordic interior and service experience for our customers. The highlight of these new cabins will be Collins’ AirLounge’s innovative seat.

Innovative in its design, this seat is all about giving you more space to move however you want. Its ergonomic shape means you get to stretch out while feeling like you’re sitting on a piece of furniture rather than an airplane seat.

And when is it time for some sleep? Just push back, and voila – a bed as good as any hotel room comes into view, complete with our exclusive Finnish textiles from Marimekko.

In addition to being comfy, there are plenty of other things you’ll love about our new seat. It has loads of places to put your stuff, so you won’t have to hunt around for somewhere safe. There’s also a bespoke reading light that lets you angle the beam just right.

Speaking of power, they’ve got USB A and C sockets for your phone or tablet and even a wireless charger as standard, so you’ll never run out of battery again.

Delicious Meals

Prepare to have your taste buds wowed if you’re dining in Finnair Business Class. Where they really focus on delivering culinary experiences that are practically perfect. Everything is about flavor – fresh, sharp tastes – with Nordic seasonal ingredients at the heart of all dishes served.

And whether travelers are flying short or long-haul, there is always something to suit everyone’s palate when it comes to meal choices onboard.

For long flights, Finnair has designed meals around both destination and flight times. So passengers can expect options influenced by where they’re going but also ones reflecting Scandinavian traditions.

Commencing in spring 2022, Finnair is rolling out a revamped dining event within its Business Class cabins. Using Iittala chinaware, the Finnish carrier will serve bistro-style dishes that showcase Nordic and international influences.

Finishing off the experience are wines chosen to complement meals on menus across Finnair’s network. Expect premium pours to add an extra touch of refinement to your inflight meal.

In-Flight Entertainment

At Finnair, they know that your time in the air should be enjoyable no matter what you’re doing. The redesigned Business Class cabins have been created to offer you a comfortable space that feels just like home, where you can unwind, power through tasks, or snooze at your own pace.

Their improved in-flight entertainment system means you won’t be bored during the flight. With big touch screens and active noise-canceling headphones, there’ll always be something for you – from films and TV shows to games and music, available in many languages.

Plus, if you’re flying long-haul, you’ll find Wi-Fi throughout our entire fleet. This way, keeping connected or enjoying personal entertainment really couldn’t be easier!

Amenity Kit

Revamped in September 2023, their Business Class amenity kit now comes with a recycled polyester pouch by Marimekko.

Inside? A Marimekko eye mask to help you sleep, earplugs for peace and quiet, and a dental kit from the Humble Co. featuring a bamboo toothbrush and paste.

Look out for two different patterns: one called Joonas comes in shades of blue and green, while grey and blue dominate Pieni Melooni – both quintessentially Marimekko prints.

On top of these basics, those traveling long-haul in Finnair’s Business Class can also ask the cabin crew for socks (should feel nice on tired feet), combs (good news if you forgot yours), or shaving kits.

That’s not all – they’ve added SEES hand wash and hand & body lotion to the loos on their long-haul flights, too.

Bottom Line

When you choose Finnair Business Class, you’re guaranteed a travel experience that truly stands out.

From luxurious airport lounges and priority services to seating arrangements designed for your comfort and generous baggage allowances – expect a seamless journey from start to finish.

In-flight amenities include an exclusive amenity kit with designs by Marimekko; entertainment options are top-notch, too. Service is exceptional, and attention to detail is paramount.

Flying Finnair means arriving refreshed & rejuvenated. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Indulge in the extraordinary with Finnair Business Class!