Why Should You Visit Azores, Portugal?

Do you yearn for an adventure off the beaten path that will leave you in awe? Look no further than Portugal’s best-kept secret, the Azores.

This collection of islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, offers a unique blend of untouched landscapes, vibrant culture, and endless outdoor activities that will take your breath away.

From exploring volcanic craters and azure lakes to encountering majestic whales and dolphins — every day is a new opportunity to discover something truly special.

Whether you’re a nature lover seeking tranquility or an adrenaline junkie craving exciting experiences – get ready for an extraordinary escape to this hidden gem.

So pack your bags: it’s time to embark on an unforgettable journey.

About the Location

Located at the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean, nine stunning volcanic islands make up the Azores archipelago, which is part of Portugal.

It’s about 1,500 kilometers west of Lisbon and has a geographic location unlike anywhere else on Earth. That means it has a year-round temperate climate with mild winters and pleasant summers.

Because they’re volcanic in origin, these Portuguese islands have dramatic landscapes with cliff faces that plunge into the sea. They are also very green and have lots of lovely flowers growing in them.

Each one is different: São Miguel has volcanic lakes to look at and hot springs to bathe in; Terceira has some gently rolling hills as well as several UNESCO World Heritage sites; Pico, meanwhile, is home to Mount Pico – the highest peak in Portugal.

The waters around this archipelago are crystal-clear, so if you go on a whale-watching trip here, you’ll stand an excellent chance of seeing sperm whales or dolphins enjoying themselves.

8 Things To Do in Azores

Delve into the heart of the awe-inspiring Azores and experience a treasure trove of natural splendor.

Delight in dipping into volcanic lakes, hiking through verdant trails, marveling at geysers galore and unwinding in thermal pools. Take a closer look:

1. Lose Yourself at Lagoa das Sete Cidades

Nestling within São Miguel’s volcanic crater – this island is the largest in the archipelago – is Lagoa das Sete Cidades: a mind-bending twin lake with differently hued waters (one blue, one green). It’s beloved by nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

What to do? Hike around its caldera for stunning panoramas of lush rolling hills and both bodies of water.

The mythical lore associated with how this scenic spot came to be adds to its mystique – needless to say, it’s one of the top draws on any Azorean itinerary.

2. Dive into Adventure in the Azores

Found smack in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there are few places better for scuba diving than this nine-island archipelago.

Expect clear-as-crystal waters that teem with life, plus unique underwater landscapes shaped by long-ago volcanic eruptions.

Why go? That dive could take you inside an enchanting underwater cave or bring you face-to-face with dolphins. Whatever happens when you plunge beneath these waves will leave even experienced divers breathless.

From submerged volcanic arches to Technicolor coral reefs brimming with sea creatures such as clown fish and manta rays. Prepare for a show-stopper of an underwater display, whatever level of diver you are.

3. Hike along Rugged Trails

If you’re into hiking, the Azores are the place for you, with lots of trails winding through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Atlantic. Scale Mount Pico, Portugal’s highest peak. 

Explore coastal paths or take it easy on a family walk – whatever you fancy, there’s something to suit your level.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of forests, volcanic craters, and sea views at every turn: from rolling hills to blue-green crater lakes, this is outdoor heaven.

4. Visit Furnas Valley

Head over to São Miguel and visit Furnas Valley. It’s pretty much what happens when Earth creates its own geothermal spa.

You’ll find hot springs and fumaroles surrounded by luxurious vegetation where you can relax in naturally heated waters.

The valley has another major draw: traditional food cooked slowly underground using heat from deep within our planet – try cozido das Furnas (‘cozido’ means ‘stew’).

Don’t miss the botanical gardens or lake here either: when it comes to both nature and relaxation combined, Furnas takes top honors.

5. Set Off on an Unforgettable Whale Watching Expedition

Few places in the world can rival the Azores when it comes to whale watching. This is a chance like no other – to see these magnificent creatures up close, swimming freely in their natural habitat.

Step aboard a boat from various islands, and you’ll likely spot humpbacks, sperm whales, blue whales, and many more majestic mammals gliding through the waves of the Atlantic.

The Azores’ location on migratory routes means sightings are common – making this an unforgettable experience for wildlife enthusiasts and families alike.

6. Experience Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada – São Miguel’s main hub – is a beguiling blend of old-world charm and modern bustle.

Wander its cobbled streets, check out landmarks such as Portas da Cidade (City Gates), or simply soak up the unique Portuguese architecture. The city has some beautiful parks to while away time in, too.

They’re full of life and have a vibrant atmosphere. Make sure you sample Azorean cuisine while you’re here: expect rich flavors featuring fresh local ingredients that foodies will love.

7. Discover the Charms of Flores

Regarded as the most beautiful island in the Azores, Flores Island is a paradise for nature lovers.

With its stunning waterfalls, rugged cliffs, and verdant countryside, it’s little wonder this island is so popular with those who like to take things easy and unwind.

Hikers will find an assortment of trails crisscrossing unspoiled landscapes all over the island that serve up outstanding vistas at every turn.

One highlight is Sete Lagoas (Seven Lakes), where several lakes are nestled amid lush vegetation in a setting that begs visitors to sit down and drink it all in.

8. Take a Dip In Natural Pools

The Azores consist of natural swimming pools formed by volcanic activity, perfect for those who want to swim somewhere different – or at least a little less crowded – on their holidays.

If you fancy something soothing, try Poça da Dona Beija on São Miguel for some warm waters packed with minerals and surrounded by beautiful foliage.

Or, if you prefer dramatic coastal scenes and clear water instead, head to Terceira’s Biscoitos pools. Make sure you see these marvels even if the thought of wild swimming doesn’t appeal!

Bottom Line

The Azores, one of the hidden gems that is waiting to be discovered, is a place where adventurers can find plenty of natural beauty and unique experiences.

There are countless things to do, from exploring volcanic landscapes to diving in crystal-clear waters.

Expect stunning vistas, peaceful hot springs, and rich biodiversity both above ground and under the waves. The Azores have something for everyone – whether you want relaxation or high-octane thrills.

So don’t delay – pack your bags now and head off on a trip to this captivating destination where memories are made as you discover perhaps the world’s best-kept secret.