A 7-Night Adventure from Tampa with Norwegian Cruise Line

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you set sail on Norwegian Cruise Line’s 7-night Western Caribbean voyage, departing from lively Tampa.

Relaxation meets excitement, and there’s no shortage of cultural experiences to have onboard this indulgent cruise ship.

Buckle up for paradise because these crystal-clear seas will guide you through some of the most breathtaking destinations in travel today.

From ancient Mayan ruins or pristine beaches in Honduras to vibrant Cozumel – this is your opportunity to discover hidden gems in the west Caribbabeian with ease and complete comfort.

Come get on board! We’ll take care of any wish that crosses your mind.

About the Ship

The Norwegian Jade, part of the fleet of the Norwegian Cruise Line, shows contemporary opulence on an open sea. Its length stretches for 965 feet, and it’s built to house around 2,400 passengers in comfort.

An approximate crew of around 1,100 people makes sure that everything runs smoothly on board this huge ship. This vessel is celebrated for its freestyle cruising concept.

Guests can choose from a wide array of different dining options – from casual cafes to upscale specialty restaurants.

The staterooms are elegantly designed and comfortable havens. There are plenty of entertainment options with Broadway-style shows, a casino, or various lounges.

With modern amenities and attentive service at every turn as standard features, it’s no wonder that the Norwegian Jade has quickly become one of the most popular ships for those seeking an unforgettable vacation experience.

Accommodation On Board

Accommodations on the Norwegian Jade are designed to cater to a range of preferences and budgets:

  • The Haven Suites: An exclusive luxury option featuring access to a private courtyard, personalized butler, and concierge service – plus spacious accommodation.
  • Mini-Suites: Offering more space than standard cabins, these suites have additional seating areas and upgraded amenities for those wanting extra comfort.
  • Balcony Staterooms: Rooms with their own private balcony so guests can enjoy fresh air as well as sea views from their cabin.
  • Oceanview Staterooms: Feature either a window or porthole for natural light and sea views without going outside.
  • Inside Staterooms: Compact but cozy cabins that make an affordable base for your cruise holiday; all the essentials, no ocean view.
  • Studio Cabins: Designed especially for solo travelers who want to undertake a voyage while avoiding paying a single supplement, these are small-sized rooms that come at reasonable prices.

Activities & Entertainment

Begin an expedition of unending stimulation and tranquillity on board the Norwegian Jade.  Here, every day presents a novel journey brimming with shows and pastimes.

Plunge into the breathtaking realm of Broadway-style acts. They will captivate you or laugh until your sides ache at the comedy gigs. Gamesters should head for the sparky casino. Every dice throw or slot spin could be a winner.

Sports fans can engage in some friendly rivalry at the sports complex. Simultaneously, fitness freaks shouldn’t fear – there are plenty of high-tech kits to help keep you trim.

Outside, steady yourself by one of the pools with a cocktail as you drift across oceans blue. For full-on relaxation, book yourself in for a spa treatment. Or sign up for classes and workshops.

As darkness falls, themed parties, live music, and dancing guarantee that life is never dull during those magical hours between sunset and sunrise.

Few ships offer such diverse entertainment options. Everything from enjoying jazz late into the night to playing ‘Deal or No Deal’ under bright lights on Broadway.

Dining Options

Embark on a dining odyssey aboard the Norwegian Jade, where meals become more than just food – they’re an epicurean adventure.

At its heart are the Grand Pacific and Alizar Main Dining Rooms, serving up a world-spanning fare in elegant surroundings.

For American classics, Cagney’s Steakhouse offers succulent steaks and delicious trimmings.

Le Bistro serves gourmet French cuisine in romantic surroundings, while La Cucina transports you to Italy with every bite.

Jasmine Garden caters to fans of Asian cuisine. While The Garden Café offers a varied menu via buffet-style dining for relaxed meals throughout the day.

If it’s comfort food you’re after in a pub-like atmosphere, O’Sheehan’s is open round-the-clock for hearty grub. Whatever your choice of venue or dish on board Norwegian Jade it’s about so much more than simple sustenance.

It’s about creating memories that will last long after your holiday ends by combining great taste with amazing settings! One unique cruise dining experience.


Experience the 7-night Western Caribbean Cruise that embarks from Tampa, Florida. Here’s your day-by-day itinerary for this thrilling journey:

  • Day 1 – Tampa, Florida:The trip starts that evening as you embark on the luxury liner at Tampa, Florida, promptly sailing at 4:00 PM into the sunset. Settle into your stateroom and acclimatize with all the ship has to offer while preparing for your departure into the sunset of the Caribbean.
  • Day 2 Cruising: Your first full day at sea. Be lazy on deck, indulge in spa treatments, and see a show or a movie in the many inside the ship.
  • Day 3 Costa Maya, Mexico: The ship will dock in bustling Costa Maya at 8:00 AM and will leave at 5:00 PM. You can take your time to visit ancient Mayan ruins, bask under the sun on beautiful sandy beaches, or enjoy every color of the area.
  • Day 4 Harvest Caye, Belize: Get docked at the private island oasis of Harvest Caye from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Spend your day basking on sandy beaches, exploring nature trails, or indulging in water sports.
  • Day 5 Roatan, Honduras: Experience the enchanting island of Roatan, arriving at 8:00 AM and departing at 4:00 PM. Explore its world-famous coral reefs or lush tropical forests and enjoy vibrant cultures on the island.
  • Day 6 Cozumel, Mexico: Arrive at Cozumel at around 9:00 AM. It is a perfect mix of the Mexican sway and Caribbean beauty. Get in the archaeological sites on this island and immerse in its vibrant marine life, along with local cuisine, till 7:00 PM.
  • Day 7 Cruising: Another day cruising and enjoying the Caribbean sun or onboard activities, or just chilling out in readiness for the journey’s end.
  • Day 8 Tampa, Florida: Arriving at Tampa, you are ready to disembark your amazing Western Caribbean adventure.


Discover the most enchanting places in the Western Caribbean with our top-rated trips that take you to each of these mesmerizing ports.

Choose from a variety of activities at each destination. They all crafted to bring you up close and personal with their immense cultural heritage, local legends, and natural wonders.

Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya is famous for its bright white beaches and crystalline turquoise waves. Book an excursion to explore Chacchoben’s ancient Mayan ruins – hear about this intriguing civilization’s history as you wander through this archaeological site.

Or perhaps snorkeling or diving on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef – the second-biggest coral reef system globally – is more your thing.

Harvest Caye, Belize

Relax on pristine sandy shores backed by lush greenery in Harvest Caye. You can learn plenty about Mayan culture while onshore here, too.

Visit Nim Li Punit or Lubaantun’s atmospheric Mayan ruins during your getaway. Seek adventure? Zip-line amid tropical forest foliage or go tubing down serene rivers surrounded by nature-rich settings.

Roatan, Honduras

Roatan possesses warm teal waters packed full of captivating coral reefs. Snorkel or dive alongside some spectacular marine life at West Bay Beach, Tabyana Beach, and so on. There are numerous well-known spots to choose from here.

If it’s wildlife interaction you’re after, though (think monkeys and birds), plus gardens and trails set against an island backdrop, then Gumbalimba Park ticks all those boxes.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel has pearly sand aplenty bordered by azure seas, plus masses of excellent scuba opportunities nearby, too!

Think of eye-catching marine life paired with interesting underwater formations if you head to Palancar Reef or Santa Rosa Wall. Both sites draw divers worldwide in search of amazing experiences.

Alternatively, getting up close and personal with San Gervasio’s Mayan ruins could be just the enriching adventure you’re after.

Tampa, Florida

A buzzing metropolis teeming with coastal charisma, Tampa has something for everyone.

At Busch Gardens, an amusement park featuring high-octane rides and face-to-face meetings with extraordinary creatures, visitors can’t get enough of the thrill.

Alternatively, hop on a leisurely boat tour or kayak trip around the stunning waterways of Tampa Bay – one of the city’s must-do excursions.

Checking out The Florida Aquarium or catching a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game will keep you entertained, too. This place is firing on all cylinders.

Bottom Line

More than just a journey across the sea, this Western Caribbean cruise is your gateway to adventure, culture, and stunning natural beauty.

Every port of call beckons you to explore – from ancient ruins to tropical rainforests to underwater wonderlands.

These shore excursions promise immersion in fascinating experiences that will create memories for a lifetime – souvenirs of a different kind.

At the end of each day, as you sail off into the sunset, you’ll take with you not just souvenirs but stories that epitomize exploration and discovery.