Business Class – A350 and 777

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Business Class travel is a convenience that we recommend you choose, especially if you are on an international flight lasting more than 6 hours. Seats, entertainment, onboarding services, and all other extras make the experience much more enjoyable and allow you to relax during the flight.

However, not all Business Class products are the same, nor do they offer great amenities. That’s why it’s always important to research a particular airline and aircraft. In this regard, we will share what Business Class A350 and Business Class 777 will offer you. Before that, however, we will answer an essential question.

What to expect in general in Business Class?

Business Class is available for long-haul travel, such as international flights. 

The destinations to which Business Class flights are many, some of the most notable are: 

  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Barcelona
  • Zurich
  • Phuket
  • Cape Town
  • Amsterdam
  • Munich
  • Sydney
  • Stockholm
  • Bangkok
  • Hong Kong and many, many others

Business Class is distinguished from Economy, Premium Economy, and Domestic First Class for that it offers more amenities. Some of the most amazing features are double legroom, wider seats, more degrees of recline, leg rest, lumbar support, laptop power pots, premium meal service and wine service, additional amenity kits such as socks, eye masks, etc.

One of the top 10 airlines that will offer you a fantastic Business Class experience is Singapore Airlines. And what Business Class A350 and Business Class 777 include, let’s find out below.

Business Class A350 vs Business Class 777

New Business Class Seat Positions

We start with Business Class seats. Whether passengers often travel or not, one of the most important is the seat that the flyers choose. The seats are significant because they are responsible for the maximum comfort you can get.

Business Class – A350 and 777

In this regard, the essential thing for most business class passengers is aisle access and cabin density. In addition, the type of Business Class seats varies, and they differ in width and design. 

The main types are: 

  • Recliner seats – this type of seat is wide enough to provide the necessary comfort, but the recline is not so significant.
  • Angle lie-flat seats – they are incredibly comfortable for rest and work during long-haul travel but have a more specific angle, which makes them less suitable for sleeping.
  • Flat bed seats – you can fully recline these seats to look like a bed. It is no coincidence that travelers so prefer them. 
  • Suites – are one of the best options because they are mini-cabins that offer you complete privacy and comfort. The seat can be fully reclined. In addition, there are workstations and television. 

However, what new Business Class seat positions offer you Business Class A350 and Business Class 777?

The A350 and 777 aircraft have wider seats to provide you with the best experience during your long-haul travel. The Singapore Airline offers you two new seating positions to give even more comfort to each business class passenger. 

These are:

  • Lazy Z – this is a cradling position whose design is made so that your weight is more centered and balanced.
  • The Sundeck – this is a lounging position that allows you to stretch and rest your legs.

Another good airline is Cathay Pacific. It offers you extra-width cabins that provide maximum comfort to sleep during the entire flight. In addition, the cabin pressure and humidity levels are improved, which reduces jet lag.

Business Class – A350 and 777

Fully-flat bed

Another great advantage of Business Class 350 and Business Class 777 is the seat, which turns into a fully flat bed. This way, you get maximum comfort and the opportunity to sleep so that you can rest until it’s time to land. In addition, each passenger receives pillows, duvet, and linen.

Stowage space

Business Class A350 and Business Class 777 have enough space for you and your personal belongings. You have a place to store your laptop, bag, and everything else. In addition, there are hidden eXport, HDMI, and USB ports that you can use during your flight.

Book the Cook

One of the favorite amenities of most travelers is the food and wine services. In Business Class A350 and Business Class 777, you get the ability to pre-select and book your course. You need to do it up to 24 hours before the flight. 

The menu includes food that is suitable for consumption during the flight. You have a variety of fantastic options to enjoy.

KrisWorld inflight entertainment

The A350 and 777 crafts have entertainment options such as television programs, movies, apps, games, etc. What’s more, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific offer inflight Internet connectivity, allowing you to stay in touch with your family and friends. 

What to look for when choosing Business class ?

All these amenities show how important they are during long international flights. Whether traveling for pleasure or business, comfort is one of the most important things you need to provide yourself. In this regard, we summarize the essential steps in choosing a Business Class.

Business Class Seat

As we shared above, one of the first things traveling passengers check is the type of seat. In Business Class, the seats vary in width, function, design, and more. The best you can choose is a fully-bed seat.

Business Class – A350 and 777

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Cabin configurations

Another important factor is the business class cabin configuration and, to be more specific – aisle access and cabin density. The perfect design is 1-2-1 because it gives direct aisle access for each passenger. Other airlines, such as Cathay Pacific, offer business class cabins that are configured to be with a design of 1-1-1.

Onboarding services

When it comes to onboarding service, we include several essential components: 

  • Drink and meal services
  • Customer services
  • Entertainment services
  • Bedding
  • Amenity kits

These are essential services that interest passengers and help decide which one is the best choice for them. Business Class A350 and Business Class 777 try to offer all this in the best possible way. That is why many flyers prefer these two types of aircraft. 

Business Class – A350 and 777

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The Business Lounge

Access to the Business Lounge is not the most crucial option for some travelers, but for others, it is essential. Each airline has what to offer in the lounge, emphasizing the excellent experience of passengers in Business lounges. 

Remember that due to Covid-19, if you come from an area with high Coronavirus infection rates, your access may be limited.

Investing and buying a more expensive ticket for Business Class A350 and Business Class 777 is undoubtedly worth the long-haul travel, especially those over 6 hours. 

The Economy Class is much more affordable, but the amenities you get in Business Class are much more significant. The narrow seats and many people in Economy Class will undoubtedly make the flight a less enjoyable experience.

We advise you to do a detailed study of airlines, fares, and amenities that you can take advantage of in Business Class. Today there are a lot of reviews of passengers, and online, you can find the seat maps of various airlines, which allows you to get a better idea of ​​the configuration of the seats. 

This way, you can get a lot of helpful information to help you find the perfect Business Class flight.