Do you expect expensive air fares for business class after a pandemic?

Air travel pricing is a hot topic for everyone who is planning to travel. As coronavirus safety measures are becoming more lenient now, more and more people are willing to book flights.

If you are one of those that plan to fly during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some things you need to consider.

Air travel immediately puts you into  close contact with many people and also different frequently touched surfaces on the airplane and at the airport. This fact can be very annoying, especially if you need to fly frequently.

Do you expect expensive air fares for business after a pandemic?

If you are fully vaccinated, then you have  good protection against the coronavirus. This can help you be more flexible in terms of your air travel plans as you don’t need to worry much about catching the virus during your air travel.

However, wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance is still recommended for those people who are already vaccinated.

Those who are not vaccinated should take the necessary precautions when it comes to flying during a Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone who wants to fly now should take these precautions when booking their flight, spending time at the airport or when they are on their airplane.

If you want to have a safe air travel experience, in this article we will offer you several tips to guarantee yourself safe flying during times of pandemic.


Does Covid-19 pandemic affect airfares?

Everyone will agree that 2021 was marked by the coronavirus pandemics which influenced in one way or another a variety of industry sectors.

The Covid-19 pandemics affected the aviation industry considerably as well. For this reason frequent flyers are wondering whether the flight prices will rise as a result of coronavirus.

So, yes – there is an increase in airfares as a result of Covid-19 worldwide pandemic. According to travel experts airfares are expected to increase throughout 2021 after the pandemic waves decrease.

In general, airline pricing depends on several factors and airlines take them into consideration when deciding their flight prices.

Airline prices are closely linked to the customers’ current motivation to travel and the price they are willing to pay for a flight ticket.

The prices of flight tickets are determined depending on a combination of scientific combinations and models. This calculation is made with the help of machine learning  and algorithms by experts in airline pricing and revenue management.

Do you expect expensive air fares for business after a pandemic?

They are also determined on the basis of the different airline products (whether we have business class or premium economy class), the different available airline itineraries, flight duration, departure time, arrival time.

This information is then compared with other airline information such as historical data, seasonality. Also  different market indicators are taken into consideration- upcoming local events, type of airline competition on a certain flight route and other indicators.

Do you expect expensive air fares for business after a pandemic?

Airline pricing and revenue management experts take into consideration these indicators to create the most accurate prognosis of prices. But these models for calculation the airline industry has been using for years are now changing because of the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Airlines consider all of the above factors and  compare them with different indicators, one of which is airplane capacity. The purpose of this is to achieve a perfect balance that meets both the needs of the airline  and the traveler.

We offer you some helpful tips for a safe air travel experience during Covid-19 pandemic.

Do you expect expensive air fares for business after a pandemic?

Tips how to fly in a safe and convenient way during a period of pandemic

Guarantee your safety when booking your flight

If you are flying on leisure and not on business, then you will have more flexibility when it comes to determining your flight itinerary. So, in this way you can avoid certain circumstances that put you in a higher risk of contracting Covid-19.

By being flexible you can have a safe flight no matter what destination you are flying to.

Do you expect expensive air fares for business after a pandemic?

For example, when booking your fight try to avoid fights with long layovers, if possible. Also, choose a destination that is relatively close to your departure location. Choose the closest destination possible.

Another thing you can do is check the website of the airline you are flying with to get an idea about the safety measures they require from their passengers. You should also try to find out information about what safety measures they are taking  on airplanes and terminals.

One of the key things every airline should do during times of pandemic is to introduce basic proper safety measures to ensure maximum safety for the health of their customers. 

These include : 

  • obligatory masks 
  • maintenance of social distancing in different ways
  • following special cleaning protocols 
  • available options for a contact-free check-in method for travelers

Do you expect expensive air fares for business after a pandemic?

Each airline introduces different safety measures regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the measures are more strict and some are more lenient.

Most air companies achieve proper social distancing on their aircraft, at airport counters and waiting lines by introducing physical safety measures such as – protective barriers, plexiglass dividers between the aisles in  airplane cabins, keeping middle seats empty on each row of seats.

Some of the more advanced technological systems airlines use to ensure the safety for their passengers are airplane ventilation systems. They work by circulating and filtering the air inside an airplane cabin. In this way the spreading of any virus in the aircraft cabin is prevented.

Do you expect expensive air fares for business after a pandemic?

Guarantee your safety before and during the flight

The requirement to wear a mask in the right way is something all of us know. So, forgetting your mask is one of the things you should try not to do when preparing for a flight.

Airline passengers are required to wear a mask during the entire flight except when they are drinking and eating.

The second important thing is to keep  good hand hygiene by  bringing with yourself  hand sanitizer and avoid touching your face.

The third important thing to do is to keep as much distance as possible while being at the airport terminal. Hundreds of people pass through an airport every day, so you will want to ensure your safety while waiting for check-in at your airline’s airport.