Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

If you want to fly in a private and relaxing way, booking a business class ticket is the best option for you. 

Business class flights are an excellent choice of fare class for those of you who want to spend their flight time in a comfortable way. 

As an owner of a business class ticket you can get advantage of different high quality services and amenities that will enhance your overall flight experience. 

Besides premium quality in-flight services, they also offer different on-ground services that help you have a wonderful air travel experience. 

Lounges for example are one of those perks all business class passengers can benefit from.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

Airport lounges offer you the perfect spot to rest, work or catch up on your sleep before boarding your flight- what a better way to feel well-rested and productive during your air travel.

Lounges allow you to make the most out of your time between connecting flights. They offer cafes, restaurants, entertainment options, relaxation zones, spa centers and other convenient amenities.

Most business class lounges offer basic amenities such as free fast Wi-Fi , power outlets for charging devices,  newspapers and magazines.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

Flying on business class is a wonderful experience that is definitely recommended for every frequent flyer who values high comfort, quality services and privacy.

Austrian Airlines for example is one of the world’s major air carriers that offer their customers excellent business and first class lounge facilities. The airline’s motto is ‘The Charming Way To Fly’. And  if you value comfort, privacy and premium quality services, choosing the airline’s business class is a great choice.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

The airline offers its passengers a business class product of excellent quality. Their in-flight and on-ground services are some of the best in the aviation industry.

About Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

Austrian Airlines is Austria’s flag carrier and it was established in 1957. Its full name is Austrian Airlines AG (it’s called Austrian in short). The airline is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group and a member of the Star Alliance.

Austrian Airlines is headquartered on the territory of Vienna International Airport in Schwechat. The  main hub of the airline is also located there. 

The airline operates flights to a total of 55 countries around the world. The flights offered by the airline follow routes  to six domestic and more than 120 international year-round and seasonal destinations. 

The airline was created in 1957 as a result of the merger of Air Austria and Austrian Airways. But its history dates to 1923 when Austrian Airways was founded. The airline is a state-owned entity.

Who can access Australian Airlines business class lounge?

    Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

This lounge can be accessed by all business and first class passengers who travel on Star Alliance flights as well as those flying  with airlines that are partners with Austrian Airlines. 

All passengers with a Business Class boarding pass for an Austrian Airlines or Star Alliance flight on the same day can enjoy the services and amenities of the lounge. The lounge can be also accessed by flyers who are members of Star Alliance Gold Program. 

The airline’s business class lounge can be even accessed by economy class passengers who have no elite flyer status during web check-in.   

This counts for passengers with an Economy Class boarding pass for an Austrian Airlines or Star Alliance flight on the same day, who also have a valid Miles & More Frequent Flyer card.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

If you are flying on an economy class flight and want to access this lounge, you just need to pay an access fee of €35.

Because it’s a non-Schengen business class lounge, Austrian Airlines business class lounge is the airline’s primary business class lounge. And it’s designed mainly for international long-haul departure flights.

The first class lounge of the airline is called Senator Lounge and all passengers who are elite members of the airline’s loyalty program Miles & More Senator  and Star Alliance Gold can access it.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

Austrian Airlines Business class lounge (Vienna)

Austrian Airlines premium  class lounge is located airside at Vienna International Airport at Gate F in Terminal 3 in the non-Schengen section right after the security lines. 

The lounge’s entryway features a separate section with seats for all business class and priority flyers.

In fact this air carrier has two lounges in Vienna. One of the lounges  is designed for non-Schengen flights and the other is for flights within the Schengen zone.

So, at the entrance you will find two doors- the left one leading to the business class lounge and the right one leading to the first class lounge which can be accessed by Star Alliance Hon members.

The airline’s business class lounge features a cozy interior in a both modern and elegant design. The lounge consists of one main room that has an L shape. It features comfortable and functional seating of different types and the lounge’s furniture has an Ikea-like modern design. 

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

The main space is brightly lit by a variety of floor lamps which adds up to the cozy atmosphere of the lounge.

Even if it isn’t one of the largest business class lounges, Austrian Airlines business class lounge offers a pleasant and quiet atmosphere for all passengers.

The lounge is divided into different zones with transparent curtains. There are high-top tables with chairs around them at the entryway.

The dining area features barstools, restaurant-style chairs in red, beige and green as well as coffee tables. The seating area features  comfortable ottomans and loungers with side tables where every passenger can unwind before their flight.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

There are different little details in the design that offer convenience to business class passengers. Some of them are power outlets for charging devices placed throughout the lounge.

Austrian Airlines business class lounge has multiple ceiling-to-floor windows that provide all fans of plane spotting with great views towards the runway and the apron

There are TV monitors placed around the lounge that show flight information for the convenience of passengers. There passengers can also watch their favourite shows. 

The lounge features also self-service stations where passengers can get a refreshing drink or a light pre-flight snack such as – nuts, crackers, potato chips, pretzels, dried fruits. There are also self-serve coffee machines offering a variety of coffee drinks.

There is a buffet and bar area where you can enjoy a full course meal or choose from a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The lounge’s bar area offers : 

  • a rich selection of red and white wine 
  • a variety of liquor brands 
  • whiskey 
  • beer 
  • chilled carbonated drinks such as soda and Coca Cola
  • fruit  juices 
  • bottled water 
  • fruit-infused water 
  • coffee drinks 
  • hot chocolate and tea. 

Those of you who are flying on a long-haul flight can also enjoy a barista service at Australian Airlines lounge.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

The buffet zone offers you a wide variety of delicious freshly prepared hot and cold meals to choose from. 

The buffet’s menu includes :

  • rice dishes 
  • chicken and curry dishes 
  • pasta 
  • different types of salads 
  • soups 
  • vegetarian options such as gazpacho soup for vegetarians
  • sausages 
  • different types of bread 
  • sauces 
  • hummus 
  • breakfast options such as cereal, yogurt and butter

The desert options include – cakes, pastry, ice cream, fresh fruit, sweet and salty snacks.

There is a sleeping area inside this lounge that offers private sleeping rooms with daybeds divided with sheer curtains and comfortable pillows and blankets. They are suitable  for all passengers who want to catch on some sleep before boarding their airplane. 

The daybeds of the relaxation area are furnished with the airline’s onboard bedding. The sleeping area is located in the back corner of the lounge.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

Everyone who wants to enjoy a refreshing bath will find a spacious shower area at this lounge. At this area you will find private shower suites which are suitable for all passengers who are members of the Senator/Star Alliance and HON Circle programs.

Another thing that this business class lounge offers is a separate spot with plenty of seats and  a selection of newspapers and magazines.

Austrian Air lounge

This premium lounge offered by Austrian Airlines shares some similarities with the airline’s business class lounge. It’s located at Gate G close to departures.

It can be accessed by all business or first class passengers flying with the airline as well as owners of a valid Star Alliance Gold Card or a Miles & More Frequent Traveller Card.

Austrian Airlines Business and First Class Lounge

Travelers who are flying with one of the airline’s Star Alliance Partners can also access  the lounge.

Those travelers who need a place for doing work tasks, the lounge’s business center is a very convenient place for this purpose. It features comfortable tables and chairs where you can put your laptop well as a projection wall which you can use for your presentations.

In terms of food and drinks options, this lounge offers you a rich choice of tasty meals and refreshing drinks at its buffet and bar area.

You can choose from different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as :

  • wine
  • beer 
  • liquor 
  • cocktails 
  • soft drinks 
  • coffee drinks 
  • tea

Austrian Air Lounge also features private shower suites for those travelers who want to refresh themselves before the flight.