Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Exclusive access to a premium lounge is one of the main benefits a business class ticket offers you. Booking a business class ticket offers you many amazing benefits.

Business class offers you plenty of  premium airline services and many great perks. By booking a business class flight you can be sure that your maximum comfort and privacy will be guaranteed.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Business class offers you high quality services and facilities that help you spend your time before boarding in a pleasant and relaxing way. 

All of the premium in-flight amenities such as large comfortable seats, more leg room, extra space for baggage, complimentary drinks and snacks, business class definitely achieve an enjoyable air travel experience for every traveler.

Some of the most convenient on-ground services business class offers are premium lounges. There are many reasons why you should spend your stopover time at a business class lounge.

Business class lounges are designed to enhance your air travel experience in many ways. They offer you the option to wait in style for your next part of your trip.

The major airlines offer you world-class lounge experience – and one of these air carriers is Air Mexico.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

About Aero Mexico

Aero Mexico is the flagship air carrier of Mexico and it’s headquartered in Mexico City. It operates flights to more than 90 destinations in Mexico, North, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Some of the popular flight destinations the airline offers are :

  • Birmingham 
  • Alabama 
  • Bogota 
  • Buenos Aires
  • Buffalo
  • Cancun 
  • Charleston 
  • Dallas 
  • León 
  • Guanajuato 
  • Lexington 
  • Kentucky 
  • Los Mochis 
  • Louisville 
  • Oaxaca and other locations

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Aero Mexico has expanded its fleet of airplanes by adding 23 new Boeing 787-8  and 787-9 Dreamliners, and introduced some changes into its route network. The airline has also modernized its business class cabin which is called Clase Premier. 

It consists of two cabins – one large forward cabin with 30 seats and one small mini cabin located behind the larger one.

Aero Mexico’s business class features upgraded Super Diamond seats with a width of 21 inches, plenty of legroom, padded headrests and wide armrests, soft bedding (duvets, pillows) which offers maximum comfort for the flyers. 

The seats can become lie-flat and in this state they measure 78 inches. They are also fitted with a navy blue fabric and the business class cabin characterizes with a simplified overall design.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Clase Premier’s business class seats feature a number of convenient extras such as noise-canceling headphones, large  built-in 18-inch monitors with an IFE system to which you can connect your headphones  and enjoy your favourite music or a movie during the flight.

Another feature of the air carrier’s business class cabin is a full onboard bar located between its two sections. 

The bar offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks: 

  • beer 
  • soda 
  • liquor 
  • whiskey 
  • wine 
  • champagne as well as light snacks such as mixed nuts

The bar features also a coffee machine offering a variety of coffee drinks.

Business class passengers flying with Aero Mexico receive also amenity kits by the brand Boggi Milano that include items like – an eye mask, ear plugs, body lotion, hand sanitizer, a comb, dental care kit, lip balm, pen, socks.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Clase Premier offers business class passengers on-board meal service. You can choose from different full course meals and light snacks such as – turkey sandwiches, salads, cheese plates, meat with cooked vegetables, sauces, bread. The dessert options are pastry, fruit plates, yogurt, tiramisu, ice cream.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

The onboard drinks menu includes different beverages such as :

  • premium wine 
  • champagne 
  • liquor 
  • spirits 
  • fruit juice

Club Premier is the frequent-flyer program Aero Mexico offers its premium passengers. The airline is in alliance with   SkyTeam and SkyTeam Cargo.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Mexico City Benito Juarez Intl (MEX) serves as a major hub of Aero Mexico and its secondary hubs are Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Mexico City International Airport is the busiest airport in Mexico and Latin America and it takes the 33rd among the busiest airports in the world. The official name of this airport is Benito Juarez International Airport and it’s the major international airport serving greater Mexico.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

This airport offers two premium lounges of Aero Mexico airline. They are located on the upper level of the airport. 

Both of the airline’s lounges at MEX are part of the Priority Pass Program. Aero Mexico business class passengers who own premium credit cards such as Amex Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve have access to these premium lounges.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

The other lounges you will find at Mexico City Benito Juarez Intl are Salon Aeromar and Terraza Premier AeroMexico by Heineken.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Aero Mexico premium lounges 

 Salon Premier business class lounge

Salon Premier Ciudad De Mexico business class domestic and international lounge by Aero Mexico is located at the airside of Terminal 2

You will find it after Security Checks on the left at the Mezzanine level of Mexico City International Airport (MEX). It’s available for access by SkyTeam and Priority Pass members and also Club Card holders who have lounge access.

Salon Premier offers flight information monitors for the convenience of all premium guests. Its total capacity is for 180 passengers.

The lounge’s interior features a modern architecture and comfortable red-trimmed furniture, which gives the lounge a unique modern charm.

Aero Mexico’s business class lounge consists of one main room whose interior has high ceilings and wooden decorations, walls adorned with a wood trim .

The lounge offers different types of seats for all types of travelers such as – traditional lounge chairs, individual seats, seats placed closely together. There are also communal tables, small side tables by the seats, bar chairs, comfortable sofas.

Some seat sections of the main lounge area are separated with wall dividers which gives lounge guests more private space.

Salon Premier lounge’s wall decorations, subtle lighting and plants give the lounge space an elegant minimalist style and create a pleasant lounge atmosphere.

There are also several TV monitors placed on the walls of the main area where passengers can watch their favourite shows. Travelers can use high-speed Wi-Fi and power outlets throughout the entire lounge space as well as free reading materials available for every passenger. 

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Business class passengers can enjoy a refreshing pre-flight drink at the lounge’s bar area.

At the bar area you can also consume :

  • Bottled water 
  • coffee 
  • tea 
  • fruit juice 
  • spirit drinks 
  • milk drinks 
  • fruit-infused water 
  • coconut water 
  • soft drinks 
  • beer 
  • wide wine and liquor selection. 

You can also order barista-made cappuccino or an espresso drink at the bar.

If you want to enjoy some filling meal before boarding your next flight, this lounge offers you a buffet zone with a waiter service. There is a buffet spread with different meal and drink options .

The lounge’s guests can either self-serve themselves or choose  a waiter service. Members of the lounge staff will take your order and serve your chosen meal or drink. At the buffet area you will find a variety of delicious meals and light snacks. 

The buffet’s menu includes :

  • chips and salsa 
  • tortilla rolls 
  • pre-packaged sandwiches 
  • salads 
  • sauces 
  • traditional Mexican chilaquiles with fried tortilla 
  • meat 
  • rice 
  • pasta 
  • bread 
  • continental breakfast that includes cups filled with servings of fresh fruit assortment – jam, yogurt, granola, cereal, mixed nuts 

The main meals menu consists of different Mexican-style dishes. The light snacks menu of the buffet includes different pastries, fresh fruit, granola bars.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

And the lounge’s work spot is a convenient place for every business class traveler who wants to get some work done before boarding their flight. At this spot you will find desks with computers, a printer and fax service for your needs.

For those of you who want  to relax and pamper themselves in a quality way, the lounge features also a spa zone offering different paid spa therapies.

There is also a bathroom facility with shower suites in this lounge where every traveler can get a refreshing shower before their flight.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Aero Mexico Salon Premier Tijuana

Aero Mexico Salon Premier Tijuana is another premium lounge of Aero Mexico. This business class lounge is located close to the airport’s security lines and the check-in area.

The lounge has two seating zones with different types of seats-individual seats, groups of seats, restaurant/café style seats, bar chairs. The interior features also TV walls, comfortable couches and seats in different designs. 

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

The seats are placed in such a way so that every traveler feels comfortable and has maximum privacy.

Those travelers who want to be productive during their air travel can get advantage of the lounge’s business center. There you can find convenient cubicles with workstation, computers and a printer. 

There is a fast Wi-Fi connection throughout the lounge. The work zone gives you the privacy and comfort you need to be productive.

Aero Mexico Business and First Class Lounge

Aero Mexico Salon Premier Tijuana offers their guests coffee and tea self-service stations and rich assortment light snacks such as pastry, small cups filled with fruits and other kinds of packaged snacks.

The lounge’s bar area offers bottled water, soda, fruit juice, as well as a fine assortment of alcoholic drinks – wine, tequila, whiskey, liquor, a variety of beer brands. Salon Premier offers all book lovers a book lending program.