All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Air travel offers you amazing experience, especially when you have planned carefully everything in advance. Who doesn’t want to travel in a convenient and relaxing way? 

It’s not a good thing to feel worried about something before you have even reached your flight terminal. But it’s true that sometimes air travel can be stressful, especially if you are a beginner flyer

Fortunately, there are some things every traveler can do before their departure date that ensures a pleasant air travel without any obstacles. We offer you a couple of tips to follow, if you want to guarantee yourself an enjoyable air travel experience. 

Top tips for a hassle-free air travel

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Book a business class flight

Choosing business class flights definitely guarantees you a high level of comfort, convenience and privacy. Business class cabins are equipped with everything a frequent traveler needs for a comfortable and trouble-free flight.

That indeed includes :

  • convenient seat layout 
  • lack of noise 
  • quality food and drinks 
  • complimentary amenities 
  • in-flight entertainment

One of the reasons why the business class cabin is comfortable is that it offers comfortable seats with modern extras that can become lie-flat. And this definitely contributes to a better sleep during the flight.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Business class seats also offer more leg room, wide arm rests, pillows and blankets that can make any type of long flight more bearable.

So, if you can afford the price of a business class ticket or have enough airline miles to book a seat in business class, don’t hesitate to do it. Investing in a business class ticket is an investment in your own comfort, health as well as productivity.

Don’t forget the essentials

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Preparation is a key part of every successful and enjoyable trip. Before heading to the airport to catch your flight make sure to check again if all the necessary documents such as passport, tickets and visa are with you. 

If you are flying to a country where you need a visa, make sure to bring with you a hard copy of your visa. Even if you are required to have a notification attached to your passport showing that you have a visa, it’s still recommended to bring a copy of your visa

A useful thing to do is to memorize the number of your passport in the case of theft or loss.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Pack a lighter baggage

When it comes to air travel you probably know that every little detail of your baggage matters as it can add a certain weight. As baggage weight is really important, the more minimalist approach you apply in packing your baggage, the better.

One of the main things that will help you achieve a lighter weight of your baggage is to pick up a lightweight suitcase. A lightweight suitcase will allow you to add a little bit more essential items to your baggage. It can also save you from the possibility of being charged for  excess baggage.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

When choosing a suitcase design is recommended to pick such with 8 wheels and 360 degree technology. This will help you carry your baggage through the airport in an easy way.

If you aren’t going on a long vacation and you pack only cabin carry-on baggage, you won’t need to wait at the baggage reclaim area upon arrival.

And you will save much time when passing through the check-in counter. This means you will have an extra time to continue on your route to your destination and enjoy your vacation.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Download your airline’s app

Now almost all of the major air carriers have their own mobile apps. Airline apps offer frequent flyers convenience as you can use them on the go to find different information concerning flight dates. For example, you can check on an airline app if there are cancelations and flight delays.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Go early at the airport

Flying can be a stressful experience, especially the moment when you are in a hurry to catch a flight.

No matter where you are flying to, arriving at the airport up to 3 hours before departure is an old proven way that will guarantee you a peace of mind. 

Leaving yourself enough time will save you from stressful situations that air travel usually includes. Fortunately, you can check online to see how early it’s recommended to arrive for your flight. 

After you know the time you have to arrive, it’s good to arrive just a little bit earlier than time in case something unforeseen comes up.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Waiting for a shuttle to the airport is not always a convenient option, especially if you are in a hurry to catch your flight. Using a valet service is a better option instead. 

Frequent flyers can use a complimentary valet service, so you have another reason to join an airline’s frequent flyer program. If you choose a valet service, you just need to pull up your car to the terminal, give your keys to your airline’s valet and proceed to check-in.

Check in online

If you want easy and smooth air travel, then you should check in online rather than at your airport’s check-in counter.

When doing online check-in, you need to print your ticket or save it on your smartphone. If you choose this option, it’s recommended to check-in at least 24-48 hours in advance. 

This option also saves you valuable time when going through the check-in desk. After that you can continue quickly on your way to airport  security.

In case you forget to print out your ticket or save it on a device before arriving at the airport, you can print your boarding pass at an airport kiosk.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Skip the security line

It’s true that going in the airport security line takes time. Thankfully, there is one way you can avoid it and save your time to enjoy your air travel. 

By becoming a frequent flyer and acquiring an elite status on your air company, you can get the chance to skip security lines altogether when boarding your next flight.

To get advantage of this option, you need to acquire enough frequent flyer points . But what to do, if you aren’t a frequent flyer but you still want to save time when going through airport security. The answer is airline credit cards.

There are certain types of platinum credit cards offered by airlines that offer you status perks, even if you haven’t collected much air  travel points. By having such a card, you can simply skip your airline security airline after passing through check-in.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Get an exclusive lounge access

One of the best ways to make your air travel less stressful is to get free airport lounge access. Spending your waiting time between flights in a lounge is better than spending it at an airport waiting area. Airport lounges help you unwind in a relaxing environment before your flight  

Getting free access to an airline’s lounge depends on different factors. Flyers with an elite status and club members are among those passengers who get premium lounge access. 

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

You can get lounge access by the following ways :

  • joining a loyalty program.
  • booking a premium ticket. 
  • paying for an annual membership. 
  • entering a lounge as a guest of someone else who has already got exclusive lounge access. 

Another option is to buy a day pass for a certain lounge which costs around $50.

Airline lounges feature a cozy and comfortable setting plus a variety of amenities and premium services that make your waiting time enjoyable.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Priority lounge pass offers you many opportunities to spend your free time when waiting for a connecting flight. 

At airport lounges you can :

  • enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious meal 
  • rest in comfortable lounge chairs 
  • use free Wi-fi 
  • get some computer work done 
  • watch TV or read a magazine 
  • get a shower 
  • catch up on your sleep or even enjoy spa therapy

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Prepare yourself


Preparation is important when it comes to air travel. Before you reach the airport’s conveyor belt, you need to make sure that you have all the things you need within reach so that you won’t lose time trying to find them. Keep your most important things accessible.

When going through a check-in counter and then through the scanner at  security lines it’s convenient to carry all of your necessary items handy. 

Avoid wearing metal jewelry, a jacket, a hat or have spare change in your pockets when going through the scanner. It’s recommended to package the liquid part of your luggage in a small plastic bag.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free


Another way to be prepared for any flight is to bring with you on board a separate small package of essentials (also called travel kit). Travel kits can help you survive a long-haul flight without any issues.

This small bag need to contain the most essential things you may need during your flight: 

  • smartphone 
  • noise-canceling earbuds 
  • credit card 
  • toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • small packaging of moisturizing cream 
  • eye mask 
  • sunglasses 
  • ear plugs 
  • small packet of dry and wet handkerchiefs

When you take your seat, you can put your travel essentials bag in the seat storage compartment or on top of your carry-on baggage which is usually placed under the seat. 

In this way when you need a certain item, you won’t need to reach over to your overhead bin and start searching for it.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Most airlines offer their business class passengers different complimentary items such as – noise-canceling headphones, eye masks and ear plugs to help them spend a comfortable flying time. But it’s always good to bring your own essential items in your carry-on bag in case the air cabin staff doesn’t provide you with them.

Quality noise-canceling headphones can be a real life-saver when you are flying. Not all airlines offer business class passengers complimentary headphones that block the surrounding noise. For this reason it’s recommended to bring your own pair during your flight.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

We will also recommend you to bring over-the-counter anti-nausea medications or medications against vomiting. Bringing a decongestant it’s also good, if you suffer from a blocked nose, as airplane air is usually dry because of the cabin’s filtration system.

Be proactive

If something goes not according to plan, it’s recommended to express your complaint with an airline. You should tell them not only what went wrong, but also what they should do to improve the situation. You can suggest an alternative option. 

The level of customer service depends on the airline but most flight attendants are willing to help.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Secure your valuable belongings

As you know safety is important when traveling. In order to feel safe during your long-haul flight, make sure to put your most valuable items such as your smartphone and wallet in a deep pocket inside your carry-on bag.

Another option is to place your most precious belongings in such a pocket that a thief won’t be able to reach without waking you.

All you need to know to travel hassle-free

Choose the aisle seat

When booking a flight most air companies and booking agents offer you the option to request a seat assignment. This is a great option, especially for those who are traveling on an airplane for the first time.

If you are scared of flying or you are prone to claustrophobia, it’s recommended for you to pick up the aisle seat. By choosing to sit at an aisle seat, you will be able to stand and move around the airplane cabin more easily.

In addition to that, you won’t bother your neighbor. And you will be far from the window where you will be more likely to watch views above the clouds.

Be picky about your media intake

If you feel anxious when thinking of flying, it’s good to avoid all types of news, movies, videos or even images related to airplane crashes before and during your flight. 

You should not forget that the largest part of all flights arrive safely. Try to remain positive and think about the things you have planned to do when you arrive at your end destination.

Dress comfortably

Comfortable clothes are something recommended when talking about long-haul flights. So, when getting ready for a flight, make sure to prepare your most comfortable travel outfit to wear during the flight. 

You should be able to sleep in those clothes. Pick up something that is both elegant and comfortable. It’s also recommended to bring a light jacket or a coat in case you feel cold in the airplane cabin.