What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

There are numerous reasons to choose to fly in business class. If you want comfortable and convenient air travel, then the best option for you is to book a business class ticket. 

Having a business class flight ticket enables you to get many great advantages while enjoying a pleasant air travel. Flying in the forward airplane cabin offers you different perks that can make your flight truly memorable. 

No matter if you want to rest, sleep, work, eat, drink or just enjoy a movie, business class flights allow you to do these activities in an easy way without bothering your neighbor.

Business class flights offer a variety of premium quality services and amenities that enable you to have a great air travel experience. 

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Business class passengers get both on-ground and in-flight services and amenities that make you feel special and ready for your flight.

If you are a first-timer on business class then it’s understandable to have a number of questions concerning your flight. In this article we will provide you with answers to some of the most common questions beginner business class travelers have.

Traveling on business class is truly a special experience:

  • calm environment
  • comfortable seats
  • convenient amenities
  • high quality services

Business class provides you with a pleasant air travel experience you are going to remember.

There are some things you need to know before boarding your business class flight.

Top things you need to consider, if you are a first-time business class flyer

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Your business class seat

As you know business class offers super comfortable upgraded seating. They can be transformed into fully flat beds and offer plenty of legroom, wide armrests and head rests. 

Business class seats also offer built-in TV screens where you can watch your favourite shows or listen to music. Another great thing about them is the additional space they offer for storing carry-on baggage. But you should know that not all business class seats are created equal. 

Each airline offers its own type of business class cabin layout. The location of your seat is an important detail that is related to your comfort during the flight. So, it’s a good idea to check with your airline to see what type of seat layout offers. Some airlines offer seat maps on their web pages for all passengers to see.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

It’s a good idea to check these seat maps, especially if you are traveling in a group of two or more passengers. Seat maps allow you to choose your seats in advance .This is a better idea than waiting for the flight attendants to offer you the available seat options during the check-in at the airport. 

If you don’t pick up your preferred seats in advance, it’s possible that you and the people you are traveling with are given seats that are apart from each other. This can happen on overbooked business class flights.

Business class cabins offer passengers different types of seating:

  • single seats
  • couple seats
  • throne seats

Some parts of the single seats can be located close to the aisle and other-close to the window. Different business class cabins have different seat configuration, one of the most common types is 2-2-2 configuration.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Throne seats are suitable for those of you who are traveling solo. But you should know that these seats should be booked 48 hours in advance. Otherwise you will be charged a certain tax, if you book them before that.

If you want to have easy access to the aisle during your flight, then you should choose from the seats on the side or the middle seats.

On some business class cabins you can even find mini cabins, which offer more private space compared to the bigger business class cabin behind the galley.

For example, if you are traveling with your partner and both of you want throne seats, then the two options for you are to pick up either the mini cabin or the larger business class cabin that offers more space.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Pod-like seats are a really smart solution as all seats offer one and the  same level of comfort. In this way no matter what seat each traveler is going to choose, all passengers get seats that are similar in design. 

Because every type of business class offers different advantages and disadvantages, you need to consider first your personal preferences for comfortable and convenient air travel. You should choose where exactly you want to sit and at what part of the airplane you will feel mostly comfortable flying.

Another thing that you need to consider is your seat selection. Most air companies offer their business class customers the option for free selection.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

This is especially convenient for those business class flyers who travel with their families or friends. The option for choosing your seat can really add up to your overall air travel experience. In this way you are not going to end up getting a seat that is near the galley or seat next to the window.

Your food and drink preferences

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Business class allows you to sip on your favourite drink or enjoy a tasty meal while flying to your destination. 

Because there is a rich variety of food and drink options in business class, before boarding your business class it is a good idea to check the in-flight and on-ground menu offered on your flight.

The business class menu varies depending on the flight route. If your flight lasts three hours or longer, then you can expect three-course meals prepared by professional chefs.

Don’t forget that business class passengers get a complimentary glass of champagne upon boarding their airplane. On certain flights you can even get a bag of chocolates as a gift from the airline.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Business class flights offer rich drinks selection during the flight:

  • exquisite wine and champagne brands
  • spirits
  • tap beer
  • cocktails
  • non-alcoholic drinks
  • specialty coffee
  • tea
  • fresh juices. 

A rich menu is available for all lounge visitors as well.  Some premium cabin travelers can even enjoy in-flight drinks bars on long-haul international flights.

The food menu of business class flights and lounges can include: 

  • local specialties
  • gourmet dishes
  • meat and vegetarian dishes
  • salads, bread
  • sandwiches
  • light snacks
  • fruit selection
  • nuts
  • desserts
  • pastries

It’s not a bad idea to check some reviews about the lounge service quality of your chosen airline.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Your sleep

When you are traveling in business class you can be sure that you will arrive well-rested at your end destination. Business class flights are famous for their ultra comfortable seats that can become  lie-flat beds. 

You can choose when to sleep during your flight. And your sleep during the flight depends on your flight’s schedule and duration. 

Just make sure to plan this ahead of time and ask the flight attendant staff to help you, if you have any trouble adjusting your seat into a comfortable bed or ask for additional sleep essentials.

You should know that the in-flight business class services of each air carrier are different. In some cases an airline flight attendant staff can assist you in setting your lie-flat bed, while in others they will let you make it on your own.

Business class offers you also complimentary kits that include:

  • toiletries 
  • noise-canceling headphones
  • sleep mask
  • ear plugs
  • sleep essentials such as pajamas, slippers, blankets and pillows on demand.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Your baggage allowance

One of the most important things you should do before boarding your flight is to check how much baggage you are allowed. 

One of the greatest things about flying in business class is that you can bring more baggage than the other air travel classes. The baggage allowance mainly depends on the airline and the flight route. Business class cabin allows passengers the option to bring up to two checked bags.

You should know that business class cabins offer their passengers amenity kits containing different items. Consider this when you are packing your liquid baggage items. 

Amenity kits often include a toothpaste and a moisturizer which is really useful as it saves you both weight and space in your carry-on baggage. 

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Your check-in process

As you may already know, business class passengers get priority check-in and go through security more quickly than the other passengers.

This option saves you plenty of valuable time. As a business class passenger you don’t need to wait in line at the check-in counter and the security line. You can use a special lane designed for business class passengers.

Your lounge access

Another advantage of being a business class passenger is the opportunity to use full premium lounge access. Airport lounges are great places to spend your layover time as they allow you to unwind and refresh before your flight.

Depending on your flight and your flyer status you can enjoy different high level services. Before your flight it’s good to check if you have access to more than lounge. Members of the priority pass program for example can access several lounges and use the services of each one.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

You can find the business class lounges of your airline mainly at its hub airport . There should be a departure and arrivals lounge. The access to the arrivals lounge depends on the type of your flight and what air travel class you are flying on.

If your flight allows it, it’s recommended to check in advance whether  you can use your airline’s arrivals lounge.

You can enjoy plenty of high quality services and amenities at the luxury environment of your airline’s premium lounge. It’s also recommended to arrive early at the lounge when possible, in order to make the most out of your lounge stay.

At the business class lounge you can get a delicious meal and a refreshing drink before your flight. Business class lounges feature cafes, bars zones, elegant restaurants with waiter service, a la carte menu and buffet areas with numerous meal and drink options.

Some of the amenities that business class lounges offer are: 

  • work areas
  • conference rooms
  • private shower suites
  • spa centers
  • private rooms for sleeping and relaxation
  • kids playrooms and others.

As a first-time business class passenger don’t forget to check in advance what set of services your airline offers you. Depending on your time and personal needs you can determine what lounge services are suitable for you.

It’s a good idea to check in advance what services and amenities that are available at your airline’s business class lounge. You have the option to book before your flight some lounge services such as spa treatments.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

You should know the number and the type of the business class services and the amenities each airline offers can be different. 

As a business class passenger your comfort is a priority for the flight attendant staff. You should not hesitate to ask them, if you need something.

Business class passengers can ask for additional items during the flight. You can ask the air cabin crew to give you drinks, food, light snacks, certain items like additional pillows or blankets for example.

Some airlines even offer you the option to choose to have your meal at a chosen time rather than during service. This service is called “dine-on-demand”.

What you need to know when traveling for the first time in business class?

Your transport to and from the airport

Certain airlines offer their premium cabin travelers complimentary chauffeur service which is a time-saving option, if you can’t wait to explore your destination.

If you have booked a revenue ticket, you won’t be charged an additional cost for this service. But if you have an award ticket, there will be a cost for getting additional miles.

In the case of award tickets you need to check beforehand what will be the cost to use miles for a chauffeured transport and compare it to the price you will need to pay to get to the airport on your own.

In conclusion, you are likely to find different opinions about each airline. Every passenger has their individual requirements for comfort level and that is fine. When it comes to air travel sometimes reality may not correspond to your expectations 

So, it’s important for you as a first-timer on business class to check with your chosen airline and ask your questions about what is offered and what is not on their business class.