Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

If you are a frequent flyer, you will agree that comfort and privacy are valuable things when it comes to flying on long-haul flights.

Traveling on business and first class is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy comfortable air travel of highest quality. They are really suitable for these passengers who are flying on  long-haul flights as they allow you to rest in a quality way during your flight and also to be productive.

If you want to fly in a comfortable and relaxing way, business and first class flights are the perfect option for you. No matter if you want to rest , sleep or need to get some work done during your flight, business and first class cabins offer you a comfortable and quiet environment to do these activities.

Alaska Airlines is one of those companies that we recommend you choose for your business and first class flights. The air carrier offers open lounges in Anchorage, Seattle Concourse D & N, Portland, and Los Angeles.

Passengers who own Priority Pass can access the airline’s first and business class lounges.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

Because of the latest coronavirus pandemic situation, the airline installed multiple hand-sanitizing stations around its lounges and the  lounge rooms are cleaned with electrostatic sprayer.

The airline has a new lounge located at Sea-Tac’s North Satellite terminal at the airline’s home airport. It’s one of the three lounges of the airline at this location and it’s open 24/7.

This lounge covers a space of over 15,800 feet. It’s one of the flagship lounges of the company and it offers a great variety of amenities and services of exceptional level that will make you feel special and have a comfortable air travel.

There are certain conditions passengers need to meet in order to get access to all Alaska Airlines’ lounges:

  • If you have a paid first class tickets on Alaska, redeem miles or paying cash.
  • If you have an Alaska Lounge membership.
  • If you have the Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Cardor Alaska Airlines Visa Business Credit Card.
  • If you have an Admirals Club membership , the Citi/ Advantage Executive World Elite Mastercard.
  • If you have an MVP Gold 75K status.
  • If you want to use your Priority Pass to enter this lounge, you should know that there are some restrictions.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

You can only access the lounge at least three hours before your departing flight. Passengers who have a boarding pass for a flight in more than three hours may not be able to enter this lounge.

As a passenger flying on Alaska Airlines first or business class you can bring up to  two guests into the airline’s lounge.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounges


The airline’s  business and first class lounge in Seattle is located at the end of Terminal C at Seattle Airport. Alaska Airlines’ new lounge at Sea-Tac’s North Satellite terminal offers you a pleasant environment to spend time between your flights. The lounge covers space of 4,650 square feet and provides you with a great variety of high quality services and amenities.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge


As a business or first class traveler you don’t need to wait in line for a check-in at this lounge. There are tablets at the lounge’s entrance positioned along a wall where passengers can check in themselves biometrically.


The overall interior of this business and first class lounge has  a modern design which creates a mood-lifting and cozy atmosphere. The lounge’s interior has a modern design featuring high ceilings and many windows that allow plenty of natural light into the lounge space. The lounge’s windows also make it look more large.

You will find throughout the lounge elegant decorations such as water features which give the space a pleasant ambiance as they produce pleasant background noise.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

Seating zone

At Alaska Airlines first and business class lounge you will find different types of comfortable furniture. The lounge has a convenient layout and comfortable seating for every kind of traveler.

The lounge’s main seating area consists of two rows of furniture which allow plenty of space for travelers to sit comfortably. You will find soft armchairs in blue and green with coffee tables beside them.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

In the seating area you will find blue corner chairs which are suitable for solo travelers or couples, sofas for flyers who travel in groups as large swiveling armchairs. The lounge’s armchairs have partial enclosures which allow a high level of privacy for the passengers.

The seating area offers you a great picturesque view. It overlooks the runways and the taxiway at the airport as well as the Olympic Mountains which are visible in the distance when the weather is good.

At the rear section of the lounge you will find a large area with a bar that offers seats with a casual design, individual chairs as well as a couple of tables and benches. If you want a space which allows you to lie comfortably, the seating area offers you long bench spots which can be found along the wall of the main seating area.

Some of the seats throughout the lounge have built-in power outlets while others are placed close to power source chargers. So you should not worry about finding a spot to charge your devices.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

Dining zone

The lounge’s dining zone offers visitors a self-serve dining area placed at the center of the zone. Here you can choose from freshly made and pre-packaged options as well as hot and cold foods.

The breakfast options are yoghurt, hard-boiled eggs, fresh fruit (oranges, bananas, apples), oatmeal bars, granola,  different kinds of bakery products and light snacks.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

Passengers can use a self-serve pancake machine to watch how their delicious breakfast is being prepared.

The buffet’s lunch options include a rich menu of hearty soups that changes each  day, turkey meat, cut veggies and for a dessert you can choose from different snacks like cookies and pretzels, cheese and crackers. The dining area also features a fresh salad bar

The drinks menu includes fresh juice, soda, beer, alcoholic drinks. You can also get a warm cup of coffee from a rich coffee selection offered by the Starbucks machine located at the dining area or opt for a cup of nice tea.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

Bar area

At the lounge’s cozy bar area you can enjoy a premium selection of beverages. Some of the complimentary drinks you can choose from include Alaskan Amber, Seattle Cider, Coors and Coors Light cans, different seasonal and local microbrews on tap, a variety of spirit drinks.

You will also find premium West Coast wines and spirits and custom-crafted cocktails such as the popular Bloody Mary to refresh yourself before the next flight. While sitting at the bar you can read your favourite newspapers as the bar has a newspaper stand.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

Work stations and conference rooms

Alaska Airlines business and first class lounge allows you to be productive and connected with the world even when flying. The airline offers work spots and fully equipped conference rooms at certain lounge locations. The business zones feature work desks with computers, high speed Wi-Fi, easy access to power chargers.

TV area

Alaska Airlines lounge allows you to lounge in a comfortable and convenient way and make most of your lounge stay. The lounge’s TV  area features four large TV sets that help you not miss on your favourite shows even when flying. As a business or first class passenger visiting this lounge you get free online access to Press Reader too.

Besides the standard amenities we have mentioned above, Alaska Airlines lounge offers speedy Wi-Fi and spacious bathrooms for its passengers. Business and first class passengers can also get advantage of a concierge service. The lounge’s attentive staff will provide you with assistance with your seating arrangements and  give you helpful travel tips and recommendations.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

Alaska Airlines JFK Airport Lounge

New York is another location where you can find  one of Alaska Airlines’ lounges. The airline offers business and first class lounges at JFK airport.

Alaska Lounge JFK is made of one main room and it’s less than 5,000 square feet. The lounge isn’t one of the biggest lounges with its capacity for about 100 visitors.

The first and business class lounge at JFK airport features a comfortable and stylish interior with floor-to-ceiling windows, wooden walls with decorative plants. There are soft couches, high-top seating, tables with seats and semi-private chairs with built-in power outlets which you can easily access.

Alaska Business & First Class Lounge

The lounge’s main buffet area includes baked goods, bread, salads,  fruit selection, light snacks  such  as trail mix, cookies,  self-serve pancake machine and Starbucks espresso machine where you can get a specialty coffee drink with syrup prepared by a barista for you. The buffet offers other types of delicious meals that can be purchased.

You can choose from a rich variety of coffee and tea brands at this lounge. The drinks menu also includes soft drinks, coca cola, premium spirit drinks, cocktails.

JFK lounge offers you a wonderful view towards the airport runways and Terminal 5. It also has a bar area where you can enjoy different kinds of alcoholic drinks, local beer on draft, liquor and selected wines.