Comfort on board First Class

When it comes to flying on a long-haul flight in an extravagant and comfortable way, choosing to fly first class is the best possible option.

First class is available on domestic, short-haul and international flights. But the quality level of first class services and amenities is probably higher on international first class flights than domestic first class flights.

First class flights provide you with everything you need for a comfortable long flight and even more for a one-of-a-kind air travel experience. They guarantee you an excellent air travel service.

It’s a fact that some air carriers have removed their first class cabin and united it with business class which has upgraded features. First class cabin offers you amazing services and perks that will leave you well-rested and make you feel pampered and special.

But those airlines that still offer first class flight are improving their level of service and trying to add even more unique extras and luxury facilities for first class passengers.

Comfort on board First Class

All first class passengers have free access to luxury waiting lounges that offer a wide range of services and amenities of excellent services.

No matter if you are a solo air traveler or you are flying with a company, first class flights will provide you with everything you need for a long-haul flight.

Flying in first class is definitely worth its price. It provides you with the perfect environment to rest, sleep or get work done during your flight.

We all know that the ticket prices for first class flights are high but the luxury services and amenities they include are totally worth their price

First class flights offer better in-flight and on-ground services compared to business and regular economy air travel class. You will definitely feel fancy and special, if you choose to travel on first class.

If you don’t want to compromise your comfort and privacy and you require extraordinary service while you are flying, first class flights are definitely for you.

Comfort on board First Class

First class flights give you the perfect opportunity to travel in style and rest, work or sleep in a luxury and comfortable environment. First class allows you to be productive even when you are flying and rest in a serene luxury setting.

Comfort on board First Class

First class flights offer you the best quality service in the air travel industry. They offer you a variety of premium quality amenities and luxury services of highest quality.

First class in-flight services are one of a kind in terms of service quality and offering. The quality of first class services is unmatched. They provide you with the ultimate quality level of service.

Comfort on board First Class

Booking a first class flight offers you a maximum level of privacy and plenty of personal space. If you are looking for luxury during your air trip, a first class cabin is the best available choice for you.

First class passengers have access to a wide range of on-board and on-ground perks. They can get advantage of amazing high-end services that provide them with everything for a pleasant air travel.

The range of service offering on first class flights varies depending on the airline.


Super comfortable upgraded seats with modern extras

Comfort on board First Class

One of the main features of first class flights is a luxury seating that provides passengers with a high level of comfort, plenty of space and a variety of convenient features that allow them to travel in comfort.

The beautifully designed elegant interior of first class adds a sense of exclusivity to the overall air travel experience of the passengers.

On first class flights you can rest, work, sleep or eat in a comfortable way without bothering your neighbor while having plenty of private space.

Airlines constantly try to renovate their first class cabins and add innovative solutions in terms of design appearance and comfort. Their goal is to improve the air travel experience for all first class travelers and make it better than before.

The airplane seats available on first class cabin have different modern technological features that guarantee a unique air travel experience. They can become lie-flat double beds that offer much space for sleeping. They feature comfortable luxury bedding, pillows, fine linen.

The seating configuration of first class cabins offer convenience and plenty of space for every passenger. Every seat has direct aisle access.

Unlike the seat configurations of economy class that is 3-4-3 configuration, the configuration of first class includes rows with four seats with a 1-2-1 configuration.

Comfort on board First Class

Sometimes first class seats have additional dividers or doors that offer additional privacy to the passengers. One of the characteristic modern features of first class is a sound-insulated cabin with a humidity control. This offers protection against the noise from footsteps.

There is a sound insulation around the seats which offers passengers a peaceful atmosphere that is suitable for either relaxation or work.

Luxurious setting

First class cabin has a high design comfortable interior that makes you feel as if at home. The interior of first class cabins offers both luxury style, comfort and convenience that suits perfectly first-class travelers.

On first class passengers can find entire suites designed in a luxurious and cozy way. The private suites first class flights feature have their own compartments with a sitting area and a bed.

First class cabins also feature luxury in-flight bathroom with all necessary shower essentials.

Comfort on board First Class

Some first class cabins include three-room suites that have a living room, a bedroom with a double bed, private bathroom, designer-made bedding and tableware.

On some first class flights you can find luxury extras such as personal butler, on-ground concierge team and also a fully staffed drinks bar on board. First class cabins are equipped with a private bathroom with an individual en-suite shower.

Comfort on board First Class

Luxury amenity kits

First class passengers are offered complimentary luxurious amenity kits during their flight. They include cosmetic skincare sets from luxury brands.

If you get a first class flight ticket, you will be offered some essential items for a comfortable sleep such as extra blankets, pillows, comfortable pajamas, slippers, eye mask. First class passengers can choose from a variety of convenient amenities. Some of the first class amenities are noise-canceling headphones.

Premium quality drinks

First class offers an on-board elegant bar serving different alcoholic drinks and cocktails as well as premium wine selection and champagne brands.

Fine dining

Passengers on first class cabins can try exquisite full-course meals prepared on board by award-winning chefs. If you like custom-made meals, then you are likely to enjoy the cuisine of first class flights. All of the delicious meals in first class are served on crystal glassware in an attractive way.

Comfort on board First Class

Luxury lounge access

Booking a first class ticket offers you the option of a premium lounge access at your airport’s terminal. First class flights offer dedicated lounges that are separate from the waiting lounges of business class. The airport lounges of first class are the most luxurious lounges.

Some of the amenities of first class lounges are café bars, drink bars, restaurants with waiter service, buffet service, self-service drinks and snacks stations, spa centers, business centers.

The food and drinks menu on first class flights includes a variety of exquisite meals prepared with high quality expensive products that guarantee an excellent taste.

The business centers at the first class lounges are equipped with work stations and meeting rooms with business equipment. First class lounges offer complimentary spa services with high quality cosmetic products. 

They also feature  duty free zones, shopping centers, quiet rooms, spa areas, laundry service. Some of the other great amenities you will find at first class lounges are separate shower suites, kids zone, Tv area, free reading materials (newspapers and magazines).There is also a high-speed Wi-fi access throughout the entire first class lounge area.

The private shower suites available at first class lounges feature different complementary shower kits that include shower essentials-toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, soap, comb, shaving kit and other items.

Comfort on board First Class

Luxury chauffeured transport

If you choose to fly in first class, you can get an advantage of an amazing perk.  First class offers you a private limousine transfer from your airport lounge to the airport.

This service is available on international first class flights. When you arrive at your destination, you will be transported with a luxury vehicle to your hotel or other destination of choice.

Some air carriers even help you catch your connecting flight. They offer you a personal car for you that will drop you to the tarmac to board your airplane.

Comfort on board First Class

Priority baggage handling

First class passengers don’t need to wait in line much to claim their baggage. First and business class passengers can get advantage of fast-track baggage which adds up to the entire air travel experience.

Personalized service from an attentive staff

The choice of first class flights guarantees you that you will get the extra care and attention you need during any type of long-haul flight. First class passengers get more individual attention from the flight attendant staff in general compared to the other air travel classes.

If you are a first class passenger, there are flight attendants exclusively assigned for your airplane cabin.  The reason for this is because there is a smaller number of seats on first class cabin than this on the other air travel classes.

If you choose to travel on first class, you can be sure that you will get a real VIP treatment.