What type of flight class to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

When you are traveling with your kids, comfort should be your top priority. If you require comfort and privacy during your flight, business and first class are one of the best options for air travel. They are perfect not only for solo business travelers but also for flyers who travel in groups and families with kids.

First and business class flights offer a variety of in-flight and on-ground services and amenities of excellent quality. This definitely guarantees you a wonderful air travel experience. No matter how long your flight is, choosing first or business class flights guarantees you a comfortable air travel with your kids.

You will probably agree that traveling with kids requires convenience, comfort and also privacy. And first and business class flights offer exactly these things. Buying a ticket for business class is definitely worth the investment. By choosing business class flights for your next air travel journey, you will get a restful and comfortable flight.

First and business class cabins are especially suitable for those people who fly on long-haul flights. A ticket for first and business class flight offers you many benefits. When you are about to fly for many hours, it will be a good idea for you to invest in a business class ticket.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

Business class flights will help you to arrive well-rested and refreshed at your end destination even if you travel with your kids.

Business class  allows you to either rest, work or enjoy some good food and refreshing drinks. Business class flights offer a rich menu with premium quality meals and drinks. If we need to decide which air travel class is more suitable for families, business class is probably more suitable than first class.

Business class flights are excellent not only for business travelers but also for people with kids. Business class is relatively affordable air travel class compared to first class but it offers you services and amenities of premium quality.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

Business class flights are perfect for those passengers who want to save money when traveling but without compromising their comfort and convenience. There are some main reasons why business class travel is suitable for people who fly with their kids. Here  there are.


Why is business class suitable for families traveling with kids?

Comfortable seats

You will agree that traveling with kids can be exhausting. For this reason choosing business class flights is a good option for you.

One of the greatest advantages of business class is the fact that it offers bigger and more comfortable upgraded seats than those offered on regular economy flights.

Business class seats are designed in such a way to offer maximum comfort for all passengers no matter where their seat is located. Business class seats have wide arm rests, headrests and they also offer more legroom, compared to regular economy seats.  This definitely provides you with more comfort during your flight.

Business class seats are usually 27-34 inch wide and have up to 87 inch in pitch. They can recline and become fully flat double beds with padded seat covers. Sometimes business class seats can be converted into double beds that are suitable for two people traveling together.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

It’s understandable that if you are traveling with your kids you may want to use the extra space business class seats offer.

Passengers are also offered  full-size pillows and comforters. This is a great option if you want to catch some sleep during your flight together with your kids. Business class seats are also equipped with USB ports for charging devices. These are really convenient for charging your phone or laptop during your flight.


More space

You will agree that space can be valuable when traveling with kids. For this reason if you choose to fly on business class you will enjoy plenty of space and have a comfortable air travel experience.

Business class seats have extra legroom too and there is plenty of space between the seats. This means you and your kids won’t be bothering your neighbors when flying.

The seats you will find on a business class cabin are also equipped with extra in-seats storage space for storing your personal items and carry-on luggage. They offer convenience as they help you be more organized when traveling with your kids without making a compromise with your comfort.

And if you are traveling with your kids, you probably know well that space for storing different things is something valuable. There are storage compartments by each seat where passengers can put their carry-on luggage.

Business class seats also feature extra desk space which can be used either for eating or working. This is especially handy when you are traveling with kids as your kids can use the desk to eat in a comfortable and non-messy way.

In addition to this business class flights also offer more baggage allowance compared to regular economy flights.

At business class flights there is space for everything you may want to bring with you on the airplane- headphones, book, laptop, charger, snacks, handkerchiefs and other necessities.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

High quality food and drinks

You will agree that if you travel with small kids the quality of the foods and drinks on an airplane is important.

When it comes to food, the menu available on business class flights and business class lounges is rich. The business class menu includes full course meals, a la carte meals and light snacks. The menu includes options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there are also desserts and light snacks.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

When compared to regular or premium economy class business class offers a rich menu with food and drinks options of premium quality.

The variety of food and drinks offered on a certain business class flight depends on the airline. You can find a la carte menu options available on some business class flights which can be compared to this offered on first class flights.

Business class flights offer complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as premium class champagne, wine, fresh juice, bottled water, beer, cocktails, spirit drinks.

Sometimes the meals available on business class flights are prepared by Michelin-starred chefs which guarantees their high quality. The meals and drinks  are served on real porcelain and in champagne glass d there are utensils and cloth napkins.

The wine and champagne selection on business class flight is sometimes prepared by master sommeliers. So, if you value good food and quality drinks, business class is suitable for you.

The good thing about business class flights is that you have the option to pre-order your meals and drinks. This option is available on certain business class flights and it is really convenient if you are traveling with your small kids.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

Priority check-in

Business and first class flights offer passengers a quick check-in process for their customers. There are separate check-in areas for business and regular economy class travelers. This can save you a lot of waiting in a queue and you can board the plane before the rest of the passengers. It’s a great option for flyers with kids.

On-ground amenities and services

Business class lounges are excellent places to spend time with your kids. One of the greatest advantages of business class flights is that passengers have premium access to business class lounges.

Airports can become crowded and noisy spaces and this can be stressful for your kids. For this reason it’s amazing to find a quiet and cozy space to spend time with your kids. Business class flights offer you the option to spend your layover time in a way that is relaxing for you and your kids.

Business class lounges offer a variety of facilities and amenities that will help you relax and refresh before boarding your flight. These include restaurants with a buffet spread, work areas, kids playrooms, cocktail bars, fresh bars, spa facilities, shower suites, sleep rooms, daybeds, relaxation areas, family rooms.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

When you are at the business class lounge you can simply let your kids play at the kids zone and enjoy rejuvenating spa therapy or catch up on your work projects. You have numerous ways to spend your time at business class lounges.

Some business class lounges offer nursing rooms which are a great option for people who  travel with small kids.

Some of the services available on business class lounges include valet service, chauffeured transfer to and from the airport. Business class really allows you to spend your time between the flights in a relaxing and productive way.

There are other amenities available on business class flights too. These are pillows, blankets, socks, pajamas, noise-cancelling headphones, eye masks – everything you need for a comfortable sleep. Business class passengers who stay at the business class lounge  are also offered complimentary kits with cosmetic products such as hand cream, mouthwash, dental kits, shaving kits.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?


Airport layover can be a challenge if you are traveling with kids. Entertainment options are important when it comes to flying with kids. Kids get bored easily and you need something to keep them entertained during the flight. Business class flights are a great idea if you want to fly with your kids in a convenient way that is beneficial for you and your kids.

Business class lounges are a good choice as they offer numerous options for working, resting and on-ground entertainment as well. When flying on business class you no longer need to worry about how to keep your kids entertained.

But business class flights also offer many in-flight entertainment options. One of the entertainment options during the flight are large TV monitors that are built into the business class seats. They allow you to listen to music, watch movies or play games when you are flying. This option is great if you are traveling with your kids.

At some business class lounges you can find cinema rooms or gaming rooms. These allow you to spend some quality time with your kids and watch them have fun. This will help you spend your time between  connecting flights in an enjoyable way.



Business class cabins offer a high level of privacy compared to regular economy class cabins. And this is very convenient when it comes to traveling with kids.

The layout of the business class cabin usually depends on the airplane model and the air carrier. In general business class has a convenient layout that offers plenty of room and privacy for each passenger. This is great for passengers with kids.

Some major airlines offer on their business class seats with special suite-like design. They can become fully enclosed and increase even more the privacy level for those who travel with kids.

We know that kids can be sometimes noisy and restless. In business class you can fly with your kids in a comfortable way without destroying the comfort of the other passengers.

Business class seats are not only comfortable and become double beds, but they are also equipped with dividers. These separations offer passengers a maximum level of privacy during their flight. In some business class cabins the seats have individual doors. They are really convenient for travelers who fly with their kids.

What type of flight to choose when traveling with the whole familу?

Chauffeur services

Depending on the airline some business class flights offer an exclusive chauffeur service to and from the airport  to their passengers. By using chauffeur service you can be able to get to the airport early and decrease your stress. This type of business class service is really convenient when you are traveling with kids and can save you valuable time.

Personalized service

Another one of the great perks of business class flights is the fact that passengers get more attention from the flight attendants in general. This is important if you are flying with kids.

Business class cabins can accommodate less passengers than regular economy cabins. The crew to passenger ratio on business class cabins is usually higher than this on a regular economy class cabin.

That is why the flight attendant staff in business class are able to pay more close attention to the needs of each passenger and ensure services of high quality. This is really convenient in case you need something for your kids during your flight.