Thai Airways Business & First Class Lounge

Business and first class lounges offer you an amazing opportunity to relax, work or enjoy fine dining surrounded by a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Business and first class flights offer premium quality services and amenities that will make any flight a wonderful experience.

Thai Airways Business & First Class Lounge

And because the number of passengers on business class  is usually smaller than the number of passengers on a regular economy cabin, the flight attendant staff can pay more individual attention to every passenger.

Thai Airways is one of the air companies which offer you an amazing air travel experience. The air company’s first and business class lounge offers a variety of services and amenities of supreme quality.

Thanks to the airline’s attentive and polite staff, you feel special from the moment you arrive at the airport until the time you board your flight.

Thai Airways is a good choice for those of you who want high level services and comfort during their air travel. One of the airline’s domestic lounges is Royal Silk Lounge in Suvarnabhumi. The international lounges are Royal First Lounge, Royal Silk Lounge, Royal Orchid Lounge. Thai Airways has a total of eight lounges at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thai Airways lounges

Business class lounges:

Royal Silk Lounge

Royal Silk Lounge is the flagship business class lounge of the airline. It can be accessed by  the airline’s Star Alliance business class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members. The airline offers business class lounges at different locations. One of them is Heathrow Airport in London at Terminal 2.

It’s located at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. This lounge offers its business and first class guests premium check-in, security and immigration lane.

Royal Silk Lounge offers plenty of seating in different designs to suit the needs of business class travelers. There are leather armchairs with side coffee tables where business class travelers can relax in a comfortable way.

Besides comfortable seating, Royal Silk Lounge offers different luxurious amenities, fine dining service and premium quality drinks to its guests.

Royal Silk business class lounge has a welcoming interior which makes every traveler feel as if at home. It has a simple and stylish design. The business class lounge area has plenty of windows that allow enough natural light inside the lounge and also beautiful tarmac views.

Some of the waiting areas of this business class lounge include comfortable chairs with ottomans. Because there are partitions between the seats, passengers have a maximum level of privacy for resting or working. This business class lounge offers beautiful views towards the airport gates and runway.

There is a business center inside this lounge which offers separate workstations with computers and printers. This allows passengers to work without distractions during their waiting time before the flight.

Royal Silk Lounge offers a dining area which is located at the main lounge. It has a rich buffet spread that includes different hot and cold meals and drinks options.

Business class guests can choose from different salads, cheese plates, fresh fruit and dried fruit, pastries, full course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The buffet’s menu includes a variety of regional and international meals. One of the special meals are dim sum, samosa, pizza, finger sandwiches, curry vegetables, hot dogs, quiche, soups, different desserts such as croissants, sweet cream and pastry puffs with a filling. You can choose from exotic fruits such as shumai. There is also a salad bar offering freshly made salads.

Although the buffet is self-serve, there is a waiter service available. There are bar stations located at certain spots of the lounge area where passengers can get light snacks such as popcorn and a variety of drinks.

Thai Airways business class lounge has a self-serve fully stacked bar where passengers can choose from a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The drinks menu includes soda, soft drinks, beer, fresh juices, coffee and tea.

Royal Silk Lounge has a separate kids play area where families can spend time with their kids. There are also bathroom and shower facilities where passengers can refresh before their catching their flight.

The shower facilities are equipped with complimentary bath and body essential products. The shower suites are spacious and offer plenty of space for you to bring your personal luggage.

If you want to relax properly and enjoy a relaxing spa therapy before your flight, you can do this at Royal Orchid Spa. It’s located at the far end of the lounge. This is the business class spa area and it offers different spa therapies and massages with different duration. Some of the massages last only 30 min.

The therapies of the spa center include original products. So you will be able to rejuvenate right on time before your flight even if you are in a hurry.

First class lounges:

Royal First

Thai Airways Royal First lounge is also located at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. It can be accessed by the airline’s first class passengers and passengers who fly with Star Alliance partners.

Royal First lounge is a large in size lounge that is rectangularly shaped  and it offers a rich choice of seating. In addition to the basic amenities and services such as complimentary Wi Fi access, Royal First lounge offers a variety of premium quality service.

The seating area of the lounge features seats of different design and it’s the perfect place to spend your layover. There are seats for solo travelers, pairs or groups of travelers, plush armchairs, sofas.

First class passengers can also find VIP zones and separate nooks at different places of the lounge which offer privacy for either resting or working.

The lounge’s luxurious interior includes one main area which is surrounded by sections with different seats. The interior is elegant and offers a sense of coziness. It has comfortable furniture in light colors that are in contrast with some colorful decoration details and unique artwork. The airline’s first class passengers receive complimentary drinks, bottled water and towels.

The lounge’s seating is various. It includes low armchairs, small coffee tables, sofas, arranged in different layout. Royal First has a dining area with a buffet. The buffet area is located in the back area of the lounge and the bar is situated in the front area.

It offers both buffet and a la carte dining options. This dining area isn’t too large in size but it has a cozy environment. First class passengers can choose from a variety of meal and drinks options. The waiters offer you an iPad where you can order your chosen meal.

You can choose from a variety of exquisite meal options with an  excellent taste and also traditional Thai dishes. The main meals include hot and cold options: chicken, pork, beef and fish dishes, gourmet meals, seafood, noodle soups, breads, cheese plates. Here you can taste regional Thai dishes such as shrimp wonton soup, shrimp phad thai and other traditional Thai cuisine.

There are also vegetarian options too. The lounge’s buffet  also offers light snacks such as seasonal fresh fruit, fruit salads, dried fruit, finger sandwiches, rolls, roasted nuts, yoghurt, pastry, mousse, candy, crackers.

There is an espresso coffee area and bar area serving different types of drinks. The drinks menu includes coffee specialties, a rich tea selection, a variety of beer brands, soft drinks, Moet & Chandon champagne, wines selection, whisky, cognac, liquors, cocktails, fresh juices, coconut water.

This first class lounge features a small business center that offers free reading materials such as magazines and newspapers.

One of the interesting things about this lounge is that first class guests are driven in a golf cart through the business class lounge’s area when entering the lounge. There is a buffet and bar areas where you can choose from a variety of refreshing drinks, light snacks.

Thai Airways first class lounge also offers a spa zone with different spa treatments, private shower suites and massages.

This luxury lounge offers a business corner with PC computers, office amenities and work stations. It’s located at the back of the lounge.

At this lounge first class passengers can also find two private relaxation rooms which offer everyone the opportunity to have a moment of peace before their flight.

At this lounge you can also find semi-private living rooms which are located along the side of the lounge.

These rooms are designed for relaxing as each room has a couch, two chairs, a work desk with an additional chair and a PC computer, TV set. They offer a cozy and relaxing environment for both solo travelers and travelers with kids.

This business class lounge offers a large private room which is located at the front of the lounge. There are also private corners which can be used by passengers who are visiting the lounge for the first time.

These corners consist of three-walled rooms with beautifully decorated doors. There are also bathroom facilities which offer individual shower suites.

At Royal First Lounge you can enjoy a variety of spa treatments in Royal Orchid Spa. The spa center offers massage rooms with a beautiful interior and a relaxing atmosphere. Close to the spa there is a quiet area where you can drink tea and get snacks.