Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

There is no doubt that business class offers a great variety of convenient amenities and high quality services. Business class flights in genera offers more services and amenities of high quality than regular economy class flights.

 Business class guarantees an amazing comfort and high level of privacy for each passenger. If you choose to fly on business class, you will be able to work, sleep or just rest in a quality way during your flight.

American Airlines is one of the airlines that are famous for its excellent business class. American Airlines offers premium quality business class products. The airline’s business class will really help you have a pleasant flight experience.  American Airlines offers you the great opportunity to book your business class flight using points.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

Unlike most of the airline companies, American Airlines doesn’t have a consistent business class product. Business class cabins are not created equal. Some business class flights don’t have lie-flat seats or free Wi-Fi access.

For this reason, if you plan to travel on business class with American Airlines, check in advance which airplane is operating on your chosen route and what model is. Flying on the right aircraft will guarantee you an amazing air travel experience.

You can earn points in different ways as you travel with American Airlines. You can get points, if you book your flights on business class with either American Airlines, Oneworld or its partner airlines.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

The airline also gives you the option to buy, transfer or gift points to someone else. There are online calculators that help you find out how many points you need to make a transfer for your awards. American Airlines offers you several ways to put your miles into use when booking business class flights.

American Airlines offers you a special loyalty program that offers you different benefits. The airline provides you with different opportunities to book your next business class flight by using your points.

American Airlines helps you save on your air travel budget and visit a variety of places. If you become a frequent American Airlines flyer, you can get different perks, upgrades, bonus miles, airport privileges.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

By booking your business class flight with American Airlines, you can get access to amazingly low unpublished rates. These rates can be booked as a part of a package only. And if you take advantage of the airline’s AAdvantage awards program, you can save even more.

Here are the best ways you can use your points to book American Airlines business class.


AAdvantage program

Every member of AAdvantage program can earn points when flying on American Airlines, Oneworld or other airline companies that are partners of American Airlines. The airline has more than 1000 partner companies.

What is AAdvantage program?

AAdvantage program offers you one of the easiest ways to book a business class flight with American Airlines. You just need to complete some simple steps. The program has a distance-based award chart that shows you how many points you will get for your flight. There are taxes and carrier- imposed fees related to this program.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

One of the greatest features of this program is that it allows you to put an award booking on hold for a period of 5 days. But if you need to be eligible for this 5-day hold period your departure date should be at least 15 days later.

But with AAdvantage you cannot book stopovers. You can book a one-way ticket instead.

On the other hand, you can choose to travel with some of the airline’s partners. If you choose to travel with Oneworld or partner awards, you can combine awards for one-way trip, roundtrip or travel to more than one city.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

How to book a business class flight with American Airlines:

Go to the website of American Airlines and log in to your AAdvantage account. Choose the option : “Redeem miles” and point out your destination and departure cities.

Enter your travel dates and choose your class of service (this allows you to check the mileage cost). Confirm your travel dates, select your flight and choose “Continue”. Now you should enter passenger details and give payment information.

You can also use the airline’s app to book your business class award flight. You just need to download the app, log in to your AAdvantage account and choose the details of your flight. You  can also use the air company’s award map. It will show you what destination is suitable for depending on the points you have.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

You can book your business class flight through one of the airline’s Oneworld partners. These are British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Etihad Airways.

Both British Airways and Cathay Pacific have distance-based award charts and you can choose any air company you want. Etihad Airways offers better award rates. But you cannot book online tickets for these flights.


Flight awards programs:

American Airlines offers different types of loyalty programs which are also called levels.

AAnytime Awards

This awards program doesn’t have blackout dates. With this program you can book any seat available on business class flights of American Airlines or American Eagle by using your miles. For your flight you can get as low as 20,000 miles each way. The applicable taxes and carrier-imposed fees are included as well.

MileSAAver Awards

This awards program offers you the option to book your flight for fewer miles than the other awards programs of American Airlines. It’s the level that offers you the cheapest award price.

AAnytime and MileSAAver awards programs are suitable for those flyers whose travel plans are flexible. Both of these award levels are available for fewer miles.

Web Special Awards

They are available on certain dates and flights. You can get them for fewer miles than AAnytime Awards and MileSAAver Awards programs. The mileage levels of Web Special can vary depending on the date and the flight. When you are booking your flight, you will see the award  level that can be applied.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

If you book your flight tickets by using Web Specials awards level, you should know that the tickets aren’t subject to changes. You can cancel or reinstate your miles but there are still fees. Executive Platinum members are the only exception.

New destinations

American Airlines offers you the opportunity to fly to more than 10,000 destinations around the world. You can earn up to 30,000 bonus miles on your vacation.

American Airlines offers long-haul flights to routes such as Paris, London, Beijing, Sidney, Tokyo, Hong Kong. The airline offers awards programs that allow you to get advantage of vacation packages.

Oneworld alliance offers a great service on some of the world’s major air carriers, one of which is American Airlines. If you become a member of AAdvantage program, Oneworld alliance allows you to travel across 1000 destinations worldwide.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

And as a member of AAdvantage program, when you fly with Oneworld airlines,  your eligible activity is good for your AAdvantage elite status qualification.

By having a  membership in AAdvantage program you can enjoy some perks. One of them is the option for a smooth transfer between partner airlines. The second option is that you can earn or redeem points across the Oneworld alliance. The third perk is the recognition you  receive for your AAdvantage elite status across all airlines that are members of American Airlines.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points

AAdvantage miles also offers you the option to pay for your vacation with miles. AAvacations is a program that offers different vacation packages.

You have the option to create for yourself a customized vacation by choosing from a long list of flights, destinations, hotel locations, activities and cars. For your holiday you can choose from more than 500 travel destinations.

If you want to learn how many AAdvantage miles you will need for a given vacation, you will find the information on the airline’s payment page.

Car rental

American Airlines gives you the option to redeem your points for car rental.

Hotel awards

If you become a member of AAdvantage program, you can redeem as low as 1000 miles and use them for the non-flight part of the vacation packages offered by American Airlines. They include hotel reservations, tours, different activities, car rentals, transfers. You can choose from hotels at more than 150 00 properties and you can use flexible payment options.

Best Ways to Book American Airlines Business Class Using Points


American Airlines allows you to enjoy a higher cabin of service. You can use your AAdvantage points to upgrade to business and first class on American Airlines or on some partner air companies. This program helps you to upgrade on flights that are operated by American Airlines and American Eagle.

You also have an option to use your points to upgrade on British Airways and Iberia flights. If you are an elite-status member of AAdvantage program, you can buy upgrades on American Airlines flights that bring you 500 miles.

AAdvantage program offers American Airlines customers flexibility. They can be offered the advantage of waived reinstatement and change in the fees.

The good thing about this option is that you can either choose to book a flight for yourself or for a person you choose. Upgrades can be done for the next cabin in service. They are valid for a single one-way trip with a maximum of three segments. It’s important to mention that upgrades are a subject to capacity controls.