Air Canada Business & First Class Lounge

First and business class lounges provide you with excellent opportunities to rest, sleep or work before your flight in a comfortable setting. They guarantee you an exceptional air travel experience. If you are looking for ways to get some rest, catch up on your sleep or work, airport lounges are the best choice for you.

Thanks to the high comfort and privacy they offer you can arrive well-rested at your destination and reduce the jet lag effects. First and business class lounges are the perfect option for those flyers who want high quality services, excellent comfort and privacy during their air travel.

As a first or business class passenger traveling with Air Canada you can enjoy perks such as:

  • priority check-in
  • luggage handling
  • exclusive lounge access
  • chauffeured transfer from the lounge to the airplane
  • You also get a wide range of services and amenities of excellent quality that allow you to unwind before your take off

The lounge’s amenities include:

  • bars offering refreshing drinks and light snacks
  • a restaurant area serving tasty meals
  • shower suites with complimentary shower kits
  • workstations with printers
  • quiet zones for relaxation
  • complimentary access to high-speed Wi-Fi
  • famous newspapers and magazines

They also have modern business centers equipped with everything business and first class travelers need.

Air Canada Business class lounges are available for passengers flying on flights in North America and to and from Central America and the Carribean.

Maple Leaf Lounges

Air Canada has more than 20 award-winning maple leaf lounges in different locations around the world. Seventeen of them are located in Canada, Europe and USA. Some of Air Canada’s largest premium lounges are located in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Newark.

Maple Leaf Lounges offer a pleasant retreat for Air Canada’s passengers which allows them to relax and be productive while waiting at the airport.

These award-winning lounges offer a great variety of services and amenities to the airline’s customers so that they feel comfortable while waiting for connecting flights.

There is complimentary Wi-Fi in all of the airline’s business and first lounges as well as free reading materials such as magazines and digital newspapers and a rich choice of delicious meals and drinks of premium quality. They also feature phone-free quiet zones, business centers with desktop PCs and color printers.


Air Canada’s  Maple Leaf lounge in Toronto can be found at Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport. This domestic lounge is really spacious and it offers different types of comfortable seating:

  • leather seats with side coffee tables
  • high-top seats located at the lounge’s bar
  • buffet and main seating area

The main dining area has café-style seating with a unique design and coffee tables with individual lamp lighting. It includes a full service restaurant. Passengers will find here plenty of personal space and different amenities.

The lounge is divided into several zones which offer seats for the different types of travelers in black, brown and red. The spectacular interior features  wood ornaments, art decorations and sculptures which creates a welcoming atmosphere. There is an elevated seating area at the center of the lounge with  black leather armchairs.

There are different food stations at the lounge’s dining area and each dining table has its own table lamp. The lounge has many windows which offer plenty of tarmac views and natural light.

The main seating zone of the lounge is located behind the food stations and it offers self-serve drinks stations where customers can get specialty coffee drinks, espresso, tea, soft drinks, fresh juices and there is also a soda fountain and fruit-infused water stations. There are separate self-serve espresso machines.

The lounge offers high-top seating which is close to the self-serve bar area where each lounge guest can serve their favourite liquor, tap beer or choose from  an extensive selection of other craft alcoholic drinks.

For breakfast options the lounge offers snacks stations and cereal dispensers offering packaged nuts, trail mixes, and other light snacks.

The lounge has a buffet zone with a rich spread. It serves hot and cold meal options from different world cuisines. Some of them are mac and cheese, chicken, eggs, fish and pasta dishes, Vietnamese noodles served at a pho station, a variety of fresh quinoa salads, tortilla chips, different dips and salsa sauces, popcorn, deserts such as baked on-site sweet cookies and croissants, pastries, rolls.

Besides high-speed Wi-Fi in all of the lounge’s areas, there is a business center with fully-equipped workstations, private meeting rooms and other convenient office facilities such as printers.

The lounge has shower and bathroom facilities offering different amenities to the guests such as luxury brand soaps and creams.

Some of the other main features of this lounge are quiet cell phone-free zones which are ideal for those passengers who are searching for a peaceful and private spot to rest or work without distractions.

There are self-service drinks stations where you can choose from premium quality red and white wines, liquor, tap beer. Toronto’s lounge also offers a kids play zone and a TV area. Passengers also get free access to newspapers and magazines.


Air Canada’s maple leaf lounge in Vancouver is large in size and it’s located at Toronto Pearson International Airport on the domestic Terminal. It’s on two levels and it has a high number of seats which increases its capacity for many passengers.

Its entrance has a unique and modern Canadian design as it’s placed inside a fake rock. The lounge’s interior includes designer-made furnishings, custom-crafted furniture and artwork by famous artists. The lounge’s dining area is in red and white color theme and the main seating area is in grey, brown and blue colors.

The lounge offers different types of lounge seats -standard café-style seats and lounging seats with leg rests, comfortable leather chairs, high-top tables. Toronto’s Maple Leaf Lounge has a shower area with different basic shower necessities such as towels, shampoos, lotions, etc.

The lounge offers plenty of convenient relaxing spots suitable for either resting, eating or working. Vancouver’s lounge offers a large buffet spread with a chef station that includes delicious hot and cold meals prepared by an award-winning chef.

The lounge offers barista-made coffee and a bar area with craft cocktails and also refrigerators with soft drinks, seltzer water, self-serve coffee machines and self-serve stations for alcoholic drinks and spirits. There are also water dispensers with lemonade and fruit-infused water.

The lounge’s drinks bar offers tap beer, a selection of local Canadian wines and craft cocktails. The lounge buffet area offers a wide variety of dishes that include a rich mix of great local flavors.

Guests will find food stations serving freshly made pasta, savoury pizza, finger sandwiches, pasta salads, fresh breads, warm soups, ravioli, chips, salsa, hummus, fruit selection, light snacks  and delicious desserts such as cookies. Passengers have the option to make their own salad.

There is a quiet area with loungers with many beautiful views towards the airport’s runway .There is a business zone equipped with color printers and scanners and a conference room called “Basket Conference Room” with an art design made of woven wood.

The lounge’s entertainment options are TV areas, newspapers, magazines and also cell phone charging stations. There is a VIP room and a relaxation area with comfortable lounging seats.

There are also device charging spots placed at convenient places around the lounge.

Private shower suites with a spa-inspired design and rain shower heads. They are staffed by lounge attendants and offer different complimentary amenities such as soap, soft towels, creams .

Signature Suite

The air company offers a newly renovated lounge called Signature Suite which offers a rich choice of services and amenities. It was opened in December 2017 and it’s located in the International part of Toronto Pearson International Airport on Terminal 1. Air Canada’s international business class travelers have access to this lounge.

The interior of this lounge includes art wooden decorations and colorful furniture of different kinds creating a cozy and beautiful setting.

Signature Suite is another one of the airline’s premium lounges. features unique maple wood interior panelling. It’s located directly above Maple Leaf Lounge and it can be accessed through this lounge. This lounge isn’t some of the largest ones, but it still offers enough space for the guest to spend their waiting time in a comfortable and private environment.

The lounge’s interior includes wooden furniture, decorative woodеn details which is one of Air Canada’s signature designs and vibrant colors such as red which creates a sense of warm coziness. The overall interior design is elegant and simple.

This lounge offers a fine dining restaurant. It has two dining areas and separate dining and lounging areas. The lounge’s buffet offers three types of menus: a la carte menu, buffet menu and  bar menu. These three menus are made by the renowned famous chef from Vancouver David Hawksworth.

Travelers can choose from restaurant quality hot and cold national dishes from Canada and Italy such as:

  • cheese plates
  • charcuterie plates
  • foie gras
  • beef
  • lamb
  • mixed green salads made of different local ingredients such as beans, avocado, tomatoes, beets, artichoke, anchovies, boc choy

Some of the main meals include different types of seafood shrimp cocktails, fish such as salmon and tuna. You can also choose from a variety with soups. There is an elegant bar with a drinks menu includes Moet champagne, Brut and Rose. 

For those passengers who are traveling in groups the lounge offers also a separate private dining room. This room features beautiful white marble finishes, stonework, high ceiling, dim lighting and comfortable Canadian furniture in warm colors. At the center of this lounge there is a large mural which is one of its key features and a tall maple leaf tree which is a popular sign of the airline.

The lounge also features luxury bathrooms. Unfortunately the showers are available upon request and if you want to take a shower, you need to ask a shower attendant. The guests of this lounge can also use concierge services.


Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge in Montreal has been recently renovated and the result is great. The interior of this international lounge has sleek modern design in warm color shades by Quebec designers.

There are potted plants around the lounge seats which add a sense of coziness and closeness to nature. There are private pods with seats facing the windows which allow travelers to watch the airport’s operations. There is also a private lounge area suitable for business meetings.

The lounge’s elegant design is enhanced by its hard-wood flooring and comfortable modern-style furniture. The highlight of this lounge is an open-ended fireplace located at its center. There are many windows offering enough natural light and beautiful tarmac views.

The lounge’s dining area is located in a large room and it offers plenty of personal space. There are different types of seats in this lounge that offer a high level of privacy for passengers. There are reclining chairs for relaxation.

The lounge features a high number of windows with classic-design leather seats along them. These chairs are arranged in rows and create the perfect space for plane spotting as it offers views of the boarding gates. There are also leather pod-like work chairs with extendable side tables which are great for working.


The menu of the buffet area includes breakfast options, different main course meals and regional meals such as:

  • grilled chicken
  • pilaf
  • mac and cheese
  • fresh salads with pasta
  • potatoes
  • kale or quinoa
  • soup
  • breads
  • pasta dishes
  • cooked vegetables

All of the meals are prepared by a master chef and passengers have also the option to order a meal individually made for them.

Montreal’s lounge provides its guests with self-service Lavazza coffee stations and light snack stations with pretzels, crackers, cookies, fruit desserts. The lounge offers a stylish drinks bar with a rich choice of hot and cold drinks.

This lounge features refrigerators stocked with different draft beer brands, scotch, fresh juice, self-serve bar offering a rich selection of alcoholic drinks. For the coffee lovers there is a self-service coffee and cappuccino machine. At the cocktail bar area lounge guests can also try home-made libations (Canadian cocktails).

Those passengers who want to work will find convenient work zones with individual cubicles. There are power charging spots throughout the entire lounge as well as a huge collection of newspapers and magazines.