Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

Business class flights are the shortest path to comfortable air travel. As you may already know business class offers great variety of services and amenities.

It’s more affordable than first class for example and it’s way better in terms of comfort and privacy compared to regular economy class. Business class is for all people who want an enjoyable flight at an affordable price.

The truth is no one likes long layovers. Especially if they last 5-6 hours. The good news is- you don’t need to spend a lot of time waiting at the airport for your connecting flight. The time spent waiting for a connection can be really enjoyable and entertaining.

In fact you can travel to different interesting tourist places during your stop en route your final flight destination.

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

Thankfully, stopover programs give great advantages to business class travelers and they are also beneficial to the tourism of the different countries. They allow you to have an enjoyable time until it’s time to catch your connecting flight. So, don’t miss your chance. When you are looking for a business class fare deal, choose an air company that offers business class stopover programs.

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

What is a business class stopover program?

It means when a business class flyer stops their flight route and stays at a certain destination for more than 24 hours. The stay can be either during an in-bound or out-bound flight.

Stopover programs include free side trips to amazing destinations. They actually offer business class passengers the option to enjoy something like a mini vacation.

They add extra stops to a business class flight itinerary making it more exciting for the passenger and allowing them to discover new destinations. This definitely guarantees a wonderful air travel experience for every business class flyer.

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

Your time spent on the ground in a certain city is limited so you should have some idea where you want to go and what are the things you can do during your stay.

If you are one of those business class travelers that don’t have a plan about where to go, some airlines offer travel guides that can help you decide which tourism attractions are worth visiting.


Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

Stopover programs allow you to spend a time period of 10 days at a new destination. And if you choose a stopover package you don’t have to pay additional costs for airfare. So, you are both saving money and collecting great memories during your flight.

One of the advantages of stopover programs is that they offer some perks such as holiday packages, hotel reservations and also complimentary tours in a city. If you are frequent business class traveler who wants to spend their waiting time at the airport between the flights in a productive way, stopover programs are a great choice for you. Air companies support the idea of stopover programs.

Here are the top business class stopover programs and the airlines that offer them

Qatar Airways

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

This major air carrier offers a stopover package called Qatar + Stopover program that includes stays at different hotels with excellent amenities – a guarantee for a well-spent time for every business class traveler.

You can visit the city of Doha if you choose this stopover program. The air company’s stopover program includes a free night hotel stay in this city. Qatar Airways also offers visa-free transit to citizens of  80 countries which allows every passenger to easily split their trip into two parts and spend a pleasant break at the beautiful sea shores of the city of Doha.

Singapore Airlines

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

Singapore Airlines offers those business class passengers who want to travel to Singapore a stopover program that includes a great holiday package which offers great value for its money. This offer by the stopover program is at an affordable price.

It includes night hotel stay, access to the most famous tourist spots in Singapore, hop-on bus rides to great places and more. If you choose to fly to this destination, don’t miss to visit the newly built Jewel waterfall and  mall at the Singapore airport.


Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

If you want to visit the beautiful Helsinki, the best way to do it is to pick up Finnair’s stopover program for business class flights. The stopover program involves the option to stay from 5 hours up to 5 days in the city. And this counts for either side of your trip. You determine the duration of your stay and there isn’t an additional airfare.

The airline’s stopover program offers its business class customers also exclusive rates on different attractions in Helsinki, hotels, nature walks to different country spots. There is even the option for trips to Lapland or visits to the Northern Lights phenomenon.

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

With its breathtaking nature, numerous  entertainment options, huge number of Finnish saunas and countless islands you are unlikely to get bored when visiting Finland’s capital. Some of the most famous islands are Suomenlinna and Seurasaari.


Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

The airline offers you an amazing option to enjoy the beauty of Abu Dhabi. By choosing an Emirates business class flight to this city, you get a free night stay in Dubai’s iconic five-star hotel – Emirates Palace.

If you travel on first class, you can get two night stays for the price of one. And if you fly on regular economy class, the air carrier gives you a discount on your first night stay.

Air Canada

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

This air carrier offers you a stopover program that includes a stay at Toronto, Vancouver  or Montréal. The duration of the stay starts from 1-2 days and it can last even one week. This means you can  spend an entire week at some of Canada’s largest cities on your way to or from another destination. You can also visit a different city on your way back.

This stopover program offers business class travelers the chance to visit a city of their choice on the way out and another city on the return.

This offers you the amazing opportunity to see the most famous Canadian destinations during just one single side trip.

The company doesn’t charge additional airfare for this. All customers who choose this stopover program have also the option of a complimentary hotel stay.


Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

Spending some time surrounded by five-star luxury in a beautiful sunny resort in Dubai is definitely a great way to spend time between your flights. If you choose Emirates for your next flight to Dubai, you should not miss to get advantage of its stopover program.

If you book a business class flight that connects in Dubai, you have the option to visit some of Dubai’s best resorts, attractions, shopping centers, amazing beaches and enjoy  many of the resort’s services at the highest quality level.

And that’s not the only thing. This air carrier offers you also exclusive rates and discounts during your stay in Dubai. All you need to do is bring your boarding pass with you.


TAP Air Portugal

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

This air company offers a great stopover program to its business class customers. If you choose it, you can spend up to five days in either Lisbon or Porto.

For the return visit you can choose Porto where you have the option for a car rent which will help you explore the city. The stopover program also includes a trip to the man-made saltwater Piscinas das Marés and discounts in different hotels at the area.

Swiss Airlines

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

Switzerland’s major air carrier offers a stopover program called “Stopover Switzerland” which allows business class flyers to stay for up to 4 nights during their stay in the country. They can do this on their way to or from their flight destination.

Switzerland is said to be one of the most expensive countries, but everyone can visit it affordably by choosing a business class stopover program by Swiss Air Lines.

This air carrier is in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism, and Switzerland Travel Centre. And for this reason it can offer its business class passengers a stopover program that offers different travel packages at affordable prices.

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

If you choose the stopover program of Swiss Airlines you can visit Zurich. This stopover program offers you the option to choose for different travel packages and discounted train trips and  decide your own trip and all its details. For instance, you can choose your  flight dates, arrival and departure cities, in-bound and out-bound  dates.

The entertainment options are many: train rides to beautiful places, trips to European cities such Interlaken, Montreaux, Lucerne or spent great moments at the ski capital Zermatt.

Iberia Airlines

Top Business Class Stopovers Programs

This air carrier’s brand new stopover program called “Hola,Madrid”  offers you the option to visit the beautiful city of Madrid. You can stay in the city for 6 nights without paying any additional fare.

The air company also offers great discounts that go to 40% which passengers get if they choose to stay at some of the city’s hotels. The stopover program also offers business class flyers free drinks as well as discounts for museum passes and airport transfers.

One of the advantages of this stopover program is that it doesn’t matter when you fly because Madrid is a great destination for visiting all year round.