How to choose the right business class flight?

If you are planning to book a business class flight then you are on the right path to next level comfortable air travel. Business class flights offer a wide variety of high quality in-flight and on-ground services and amenities.

Once you realize the many advantages of business class flights you will reconsider booking an economy class flight in the future. You will definitely realize the difference between the two. Before booking your next business class flight, you need to keep some things in mind.

How to choose the right business flight?

What determines your choice of business class flight?

It’s important to know that each business class is different in terms of offering and number of services. The difference may be in the price, in the route, the air company, the day of the week. The quality of a certain business class varies depending on the airline company.


As there are numerous airlines and options out there, choosing the right business class flight for your needs sometimes isn’t easy. First, you need to determine your budget for air travel. The prices of business class flights often change and you need to check them regularly.

How to choose the right business flight?

And it may be disappointing to buy a business class ticket which comes usually at a price higher than regular economy and find out it doesn’t have the things you want. You may end up with not so premium air travel experience.

That is why it’s important to determine your specific needs and preferences for comfort when flying, what do you want out of  your flight and then research the available options for business class flights. You need to make a careful research to pick up your dream business class flight and guarantee yourself amazing air travel experience.

Our tips here will help you make the right choice of business class flight

Research flights

There is a difference between domestic and international flights. Usually two-cabin airplanes serve domestic flights. They have first and economy class sections.

Check the cabins layout

It’s important to know how the seats are arranged on a given business class cabin. Business class cabins are more quiet than the cabins of the other air travel classes . There are seat maps available online for some air companies.

When you know what type of cabin layout the airplanes of your company have, you can easily decide which business class flight is most suitable for you.

Two important things play an important role when choosing a cabin layout-aisle access and cabin density. The configuration 1-2-1 is considered the best because it offers each passenger a direct aisle access. There are some airlines that offer 1-1-1 configuration as well.

When there is enough space between the seats this enhances the privacy for the passengers. And it’s important to have an aisle access so that you don’t bother the person sitting next to you whenever you need to stand up from your seat.

How to choose the right business flight?

Check the type of seating

There are different types of business class seats. They come in different designs and shapes depending on the carrier. Air companies always try to improve their business class seats and include new innovative seat designs to meet the growing demands for business class flights.

There are some companies that introduced suites into their business class cabins making the air travel experience of their passengers almost close to this first class flights offer.

There are such types of seat models that become fully flat beds and such that can recline at a certain angle and have a cradle-style design. All business class seats offer more leg room, wide armrests, comfortable head rest, pillows and even blankets for extra comfort.

How to choose the right business flight?

Check the onboard amenities

Business class flights offer great amenities, entertainment  and perks that offer you high level of comfort and convenience during your flight.

Determine your budget

Business class tickets vary in price which is determined by different factors. They can go from $50 to $3,000. The price mainly depends on the airline, length of flight and whether the flight is  a transcontinental or intercontinental flight.

If you have a limited budget, it’s natural that you will want to find business class flights at cheap prices. One way to do this is to search the internet. Although most people search for cheap business class flights through flight aggregator websites, the prices listed on these websites are most often not the most affordable ticket prices.

Air companies don’t show their actual lowest prices because they want to avoid creating a situation of a competition for the lowest ticket price among  air carriers.

So, it’s a better option to call the airline company and book your ticket. This can win you a discount of around 40-70% off the usual price for a business class ticket.

Some air companies offer you the option to get a free quote. To get it you just need to fill a form where you tell what destination you need to go to. When you submit it, you will get an idea of how much you will save by purchasing a given business class ticket.

What type is your flight?

How to choose the right business flight?

Consider what type of flight you want and its itinerary? Do you want a non-stop business class flight or a flight with breaks.

International business class flights are served by three-cabin airplanes that have first, business and economy class. So international and domestic business class flights have differences in their prices and set of services.

In fact international business class flights are better than domestic first class flights in terms of service quality. They offer lie-flat seats with enough legroom, armrests. Although business class seats are very comfortable, they are still not at the level of seats on first class international flights.

There are also hybrid flights which combine the characteristics of first and business class flights. They generally offer more services than standard business class and it’s far better than domestic first class flights. And their price is lower than this of first class flights.

Read reviews

You can get a clear idea whether a business class flight is suitable for you by finding reviews about it. The reviews can be related to different aspects of a flight- quality of the seating, food and drinks, airport lounge, business class customer service.

What business class offers?

How to choose the right business flight?


The supreme comfort of business class flights is achieved by extra spacious upgraded seats that can be adjusted according to the passenger’s preferences. They can become lie-flat beds which is a great option for long-haul flights when you need to catch on some sleep to arrive well-rested at your destination. Business class flights not only help you have a peaceful flight, but they allow you to be productive.

On business class flights you will find seats of different configuration allowing passengers to have maximum privacy and comfort.

How to choose the right business flight?

Business class passengers are also offered complementary amenity kits, bedding, extra pillows or blankets. These things didn’t play a huge role but they are still important details for you overall business class travel experience.


Most customers of business class flights are business travelers so this air travel class is specially designed for their needs. High speed Wi-Fi is a must-have on such type of flight. There are also amenities like laptop adaptors, power charge stations at each seat, noise-canceling headphones.

How to choose the right business flight?

Besides work opportunities during your flight, business class flights also offer you plenty of entertainment options thanks to the large Tv creens built in each seat.

Touchscreens give you the opportunity to watch favourite movies and Tv shows, play favourite games, listen to music, use different apps. You can never feel bored when travelling on business class.



There is no doubt that business class flights offer higher level of privacy than regular economy thanks to the modern seats that are separated between each other. On business class every passenger has the ability to sleep or work whenever they want without bothering their neighbor.

How to choose the right business flight?

Quality in-flight service

The business class services on-board are of high quality and they include rich choice of foods, snack, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

What benefits business class flights offer us?

Business class flights offer a variety of on-ground perks that make these flights an attractive option for frequent fliers.

How to choose the right business flight?


Business class flights are around four times more expensive than regular economy flights because of the fact that they offer many services and perks making your flight as pleasant as possible.

But we can find really cheap business class tickets especially if we are flying frequently. Most airline companies offer their customers the option to use their air miles and points to get good discounts on business class tickets.

How to choose the right business flight?

Loyalty programs

Air companies offer you the opportunity to join frequent flyers clubs and enjoy traveling on business class in an affordable way.

How to choose the right business flight?

Quality customer service

Flight attendants on business class flights offer passengers individual attention to their wishes and make sure they have a pleasant flying experience.

Chauffeured service

If you choose to fly with business class on international flights, you won’t regret it as the quality is truly premium.

Airport lounge free access

Business class lounges make your waiting to board your plane less stressful and an enjoyable one instead. With comfortable chairs, rich menu of snacks and refreshing drinks, the time to get on board of your flight will quickly come for you.