How to get upgraded to business class?

Business class certainly offers high quality airplane services which are surpassed only by those offered on first class. If you are seeking comfortable and relaxing way of traveling that helps you be productive in your business projects and arrive well-rested at your destination, business class flights are the best choice for you.

But if you are traveling on a limited budget, the prices for business class tickets may become an issue for you especially if you need to fly frequently. You need complimentary upgrade if you require comfort, privacy and convenience during your air travel.

How to get upgraded to business class?

First and business class are most often pre-booked by elite passengers who are traveling frequently and using their upgrade options. But it’s not impossible to be upgraded to a business class seat, you just need to wait for the right moment and specific circumstances.

How to get upgraded to business class?

By simply asking for an upgrade you are not very likely to get one, but there are some tricks you can do and situations you can get advantage of to nail a seat on business class flight. It’s completely possible to be upgraded to a business class seat with a little effort and planning.

When it comes to international flights it’s worth trying to get a business class upgrade.

But how can you get upgraded to business class? Find out below.

Get help from a ticket count agent

One way to score an upgrade is get help from a ticket count agent. Usually a ticket agent doesn’t have the authorization to upgrade you to a higher air travel class if you aren’t flying too often. But even if you are, you will still need to use your mile points to get an upgrade to business class.

How to get upgraded to business class?

Ticket agents can be found at airport counters. If you ask them, they can be able to add a code which shows the gate agent that you are eligible to be given a business class upgrade.

How to get upgraded to business class?

Book your flight with a travel agent

Travel agents can book your reservation by adding a comment that can be OSI (Other Significant Information). This comment can help you be seen as a VIP or CEO person and increase the likelihood of your upgrade to a business class flight. Most airline companies fight over business class customers especially if they have the chance of getting a company account.

Sometimes travel agents have connections with airline companies that allow them to book best seats for their customers. Usually these seats are saved for VIP passengers and they are located at the front of the plane and in exit rows. Travel agents can so add some comments to your reservation form which will increase the possibility for you to get a seat upgrade.

Early check-in

How to get upgraded to business class?

Timing is everything when you want to get a business class seat. By checking in in early you are one step closer to a business class upgrade. Make your upgrade request before the flight and make sure there is plenty of time before the take off.

In this way the flight attendants will be more willing to grant you a business class upgrade as they won’t be dealing with too many passengers at the moment. The flyer who checks in first is more likely to get the available business class upgrade.

Choose overbooked flights

How to get upgraded to business class?

If you are not in a rush and have plenty of time to travel to your next business destination, you can choose to get bumped form an overbooked flight. Passengers that are pushed to the next flight are often offered free flight to use within a year or even sometimes a free coupon.

If the seats on the business class flight aren’t booked, you have a lesser chance of getting an upgrade than if the flight is overbooked. Airlines don’t offer business class upgrade without a reason.

But in the case of a fully booked flight air companies are willing to upgrade their passengers and they will be happy to make sure every customer is  accommodated on the flight. If in the end you get on the flight you originally booked, then your airline company may offer you a complementary upgrade to a business class.

How to get upgraded to business class?

Another thing you can do on an overbooked flight is to give up your seat. This tactic brings you small chances of getting an upgrade right away but you should still try it.

Speak with the agent and ask them if they need your seat for some other passenger and are searching for someone to be upgraded. You can be a volunteer for a business class upgrade.

Get help form a flight attendant

How to get upgraded to business class?

If you are traveling on an economy class flight that is overbooked and you see that a business class seat is available, you can ask to be upgraded. This strategy has a higher chance to succeed if your seat is at the first couple of rows.

Another time when you can have a successful upgrade to a business class is if you find a problem with your seat or if you find a problem in traveling with the  passenger next to you.

Most often people who are traveling solo have the best luck of getting a business class seat. They are reseated at the front row on business class to make room for those traveling together with families on economy class.

Join your air company’s program for frequent flyers

How to get upgraded to business class?

Use the fact that you are traveling often to score a better seating. Becoming a member of your air carrier’s program As you may already know only the elite passengers get the best business class seats so it’s worthy choosing to travel with one and the same air company.

Choose to fly with a small air company

How to get upgraded to business class?

Frequent flyer clubs of small airline companies are also a great option. And you are more likely to score a better seat on business class if you travel with a small company rather than with a large one. That’s because in the big airline companies the competition for better seating is also big.

Don’t fly from your air company’s main hub if the airport is big as this decrease you chance of acquiring seat upgrade. This makes it difficult to get an upgrade flight.

Because a large airport means big competition among VIP passengers for good seats. So book a flight from a small hub. If you choose to fly from a small hub then your chance of getting a business class upgrade increases.

Pick up a flight with a large upper class section

How to get upgraded to business class?

Some airplane models that are big size have large upper class section with more first and business class seats. Make sure to check their seat availability several days before the date of your flight.

One way to get a business class seat upgrade is to make a pretend booking on the airline company’s website. Large first and business class section means more seats, and more seats means high chance for you to be upgraded to  business class.

Keep an eye on business class ticket sales

How to get upgraded to business class?

Don’t ignore the offers for sales of business class seats as sometimes the prices of these tickets can fall down so much that they can equal the prices of flights on regular economy. Check out two-for-one sales on business class flights if you are flying with someone or with your family as they can decrease half the price of an upgrade.

Be direct but polite

Politeness is key when making a request for a business class upgrade. Avoid being too demanding because the airplane staff will choose someone else for an upgrade. And being reasonable also helps. Consider factors like:

  • whether you are traveling alone or with your whole family
  • is your ticket purchased at a very low price or it’s at a standard fare
  • are you traveling with a pet or not

It may not be reasonable to demand from your air company a business class upgrade if you have purchased a ticket at the lowest fare possible. Every detail is important when flight attendants are considering candidates for business class seat upgrades.

Look good

How to get upgraded to business class?

This tip is a pretty obvious thing but some people underestimate it. It’s true that our clothing speaks volumes when it comes to how we are going to be perceived in terms of our appearance during air travel.

If  you want to travel on business class, you shouldn’t wear a casual style. If you dress up you are more likely to end up on a business class seat. Any type of sportswear, sneakers, jeans, tank tops-avoid wearing these. Stick to elegant and formal clothing instead.

If you have experienced an inconvenience of some sort, don’t hesitate to report it to the air company. As we have already mentioned, airline companies need a good reason to upgrade a passenger. And if they have made you feel uncomfortable, then that’s a good one.

How to get upgraded to business class?

Sometimes check-in agents have a bigger control over the airplane’s seating scheme. So if you have decided to travel on international flight , ask about  the availability during your check in. If you find that there are seats available, you should make another last-minute check in at the gate desk.

Sometimes check-ins made at the last minute help customers get business class upgrade as by this time the airline company staff gets a clear idea of the remaining availability on a flight. By doing this you have a higher chance of scoring a business class upgrade.