Why is business class so expensive?

Why is business so expensive?

We all know that business services cost more than economy class flights. But is it worthy its price or it’s just a waste of money?

We ask ourselves why business class flights have such high prices and are they really worth the price. The answer is – yes. Business class services are really worth their price as their quality level is high in comparison to premium economy and regular economy class. In this article we will give you the reasons why .

Why is business so expensive?

Business class flights offer passengers many perks and facilities that make the whole flight experience really comfortable and add a sense of exclusivity and luxury. Although business class flights may seem pretty expensive at first sight, frequent flyers may get some great discounts when they use miles and points. So if you are flying often, it’s worthy to travel with business class to guarantee yourself a premium experience.

One of the reasons is because the quality of the services it includes is really high. It’s well-known that business class has experienced a great improvement over the years.

The cost of airfare experiences constant changes but in general the difference between a ticket for a regular economy class and a business class ticket starts from 50$ to 3,000$.

Why is business so expensive?

Business class ticket is four times higher than a ticket for standard coach. The price may vary depending on the airline company, flight duration,flight type (if it’s transcontinential or intercontinential).

With the drop in the jet fuel prices, business class became an affordable travel class offering near the same high quality services as first class depending on the company and the route.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose to spend extra cash on business class flight

Comfortable seats

Why is business so expensive?

Business class is situated at this part of the airplane where boarding and deplaning is easiest. The number of amenities vary by airline company, but one thing is always the same- super comfortable modern seats. The seats on business class flights are more comfortable than these on premium economy and standard economy class.

Why is business so expensive?

They are upgraded in order to offer the best possible comfort for the passengers and have different functionalities. The seats on business class seats are adjustable and they offer more leg room, they have leg rests, wide arm rests, large  built-in Tv monitors at each seat offering a variety of entertainment opportunities for the passengers.

Some types of business class seats are equipped with convenient concealable storage compartments where passengers can place their personal belongings.

Why is business so expensive?

The size of most business class seats is between 36 and 78 inches which may vary depending on the airline company. They  can become fully flat beds which makes them excellent for sleeping during the flight. Some airline companies even offer seats with in-built massage features on their business class flights.

By catching sleep on the airplane, you can skip the post-flight catch-up sleep and start immediately acting on your holiday/business travel plan. Therefore,by choosing business class flights you are saving time when you arrive at your destination. So no matter how long your flight is, with business class flights you will arrive at your destination well-rested and ready for exploring your new destination.

With its upgraded seats and a variety of additional extras, business class flights also offer premium quality to the passengers, providing them with a more comfortable flight.

Why is business so expensive?

Sometimes the differences are minimal  between first class and business class for domestic flights as both offer customers a variety of perks that make air travel a pleasant journey. However, first class is unmatched in its category of travel service for international flights and it still holds its position at the highest place.

But business class experienced great evolution too since the day when extra legroom and wider seats were considered the apex of luxury.  Now you can get cutting-edge extras that can make you forget you are on an airplane. And get these at affordable prices.

Why is business so expensive?

Now we have the opportunity to experience premium quality flying at affordable prices. The price for a first class ticket can be 70% higher than a standard coach ticket for domestic flights and it can go even higher for international flights.

Why is business so expensive?

Fine food quality

We all know that the food on airplanes isn’t of the best one but this is not the case on business class. On business class customers are served restaurant- quality meals made of fresh tasty products.

Here the food menu isn’t as exquisite as this of first class but it’s definitely richer and tastier  than this on economy class. Business class flights offer award-winning menus.

You can choose from different entrees, cheeses, desserts, snacks, fruits, fresh juices, also a rich selection of  refreshing and alcoholic drinks such as liquor, champagne, wines, whose quality is high. Some business class flights offer à la carte menus and even stand-up bars.

Why is business so expensive?

On some business class flights you may enjoy five-course meals prepared by master chefs.Having a filling meal while flying is convenient as you are not going to search for food upon landing when going hungry.

High comfort level and private space

Why is business so expensive?

As the seats on business class are separated from one another, this adds to the increased privacy of the passengers. In this way you can sleep or work during your flight without bothering your neighbour.

If you are traveling on a business, there is no doubt that business class is the best possible choice for you. On business class you can work or sleep whenever you need without creating discomfort to the other passengers.

The cozy environment business class flights offer creates a sense of exclusivity. As the seats are wider (from 32 inches reaching up to 92 inches) compared to those on economy class (31-35 inches) they offer more privacy and comfort to the first class passengers.

Why is business so expensive?

The extra comfort business class offers is achieved by some amenities like noise-cancelling headphones, different entertainment options offered by the TV screens on the seats to which every passenger can connect their smartphone and watch their favourite movies, listen to music or work on a project.

Business class passengers are also given blankets, pillows, bedding, slippers, exquisite loungewear, individual amenity sets with designer products and other amenities if they wish.

Good travel sleep

Why is business so expensive?

If you have traveled on a red-eye flight you know what we mean by saying that it’s good to pay some extra price for a quality airplane sleep.

Business class flights offer such extras that will help any customer sleep during their flight. Business class flights offer super comfortable seats that can be turned into flat double beds with bedding and some airline companies even offer seats that can be turned into suits.

 It will be impossible not to sleep well on business class given there are additional extras like pajamas, slippers, extra blankets,  turn-down service, eye masks. Getting quality naps when traveling will definitely help you enjoy your travel more.

Direct shuttle transfer

Why is business so expensive?

Why is business so expensive?

Some companies that offer business class flights offer private chauffeured drive from the airport to the airplane which most customers find convenient. Certain airline companies also offer the option for the passengers to be driven from their address to the airport terminal for free by a professional driver.

Priority check in and boarding

Why is business so expensive?

Priority check-in saves you a considerable time standing in queue and you can avoid the usual airport hussle receiving a prompt airport service. When you arrive at the airport you can be among the first boarding the airplane. And less waiting at the airport means more time for you which you can devote to do some laptop work.

Priority check-in comes really handy especially when your business meetings usually last long. When you are able to pass quickly through the airport security check-in process, you won’t miss your flight.

Traveling on business class also allows you to be among the first that exit the airplane too so this is a great advantage for those people who wish to save time.

Airport lounge access

Why is business so expensive?

Business class flights offer exclusive access to airport lounge which provides you with a quiet spot where you can get drinks, snacks, get rest and even have a bath depending on the airline company. Business class lounges offer comfortable facilities, relaxation zones, also concierge services and buffets.

The lounge offering usually depends on the airline company you are traveling with but you can always get drinks and foods at business class lounges. Some airline companies even offer in their business class lounges services like massages and even rooms where passengers can grab some sleep.

Why is business so expensive?

Devoted attention and assistance

On business class flights you can really feel special as the flight attendant offer personalized attention to all customers. You have the right to make requests for food, drinks or amenities both in-flight or on-ground.

More carry-on luggage allowance

Why is business so expensive?

This generally depends on the airline policy and the type of flight but most business class flights offer their passengers the option to bring more baggage on board. This may be an excellent advantage for the fans of shopping.On domestic business class flights the luggage allowance is usually two bags per passenger as long as they are under the weight restriction (32-40kg.)