Business Class on Air China

For selected international flights, Air China launched the new luxurious Forbidden Pavilion First Class and Capital Pavilion Business Class. Combining a distinguished luxurious quality with state-of-the-art features, these two new classes offer a more pleasant flying


Experience the royal treatment at a height of tens of thousands of meters as you rest in your luxurious seats that fully recline in an exclusive and private space.

The seats are individually spaced, integrating work, play and relaxation. The surrounding furniture forms an elegant and comfortable private space. Feel free to adjust the seats according to your preference to be fully horizontal, reclined or upright. At 190cm long and 70cm wide, the seats fully recline, and they will be your spacious and comfortable bed in the sky.

Passengers of Air China’s forbidden pavilion first class and capital pavilion business class departing from Beijing can book, change or cancel their in-flight meal reservations through Air China’s appointed ticket offices in Beijing or Air China’s Sales Service Hotline 4008-100-999 before 16:00 one day prior to flight departure.

The new entertainment system is completely interactive. Films, cartoons, music and games are now ready for your choices. You have complete control in creating an entertainment kingdom of your own.

You can surf through 98 bilingual films selected from home and abroad. Still not enough? Try an online game! Forbidden Pavilion First Class/Capital Pavilion Business Class is your very own entertainment center.


Airline Iata Code: CA

Home Airport: Beijing can save you up to 50% off your business class flights with Air China. Call now or submit our flight request form to receive a free quote.