Japan – Land of the Rising Sun

Japan is a major business hub in Asia and a frequent travel destination for many business professionals. International flights to Japan land at Narita Airport, located a short distance from Tokyo; at Kansai Airport, located a short distance from Osaka; or Chubu International Airport, which is close to Nagoya. Once you arrive, you can take a train to the city center or hire a taxi.

Additionally, Japan has several airports that are you for domestic flights, such as Haneda Airport; Itami airport; Okinawa; Hokkaido; and countless other airports to most outlying cities, making transportation within the country quite simple. Japan is a fantastic city to explore. There are numerous castles, Buddhist Temples, and historical sights that you can visit. While you are in Japan you can spend a night in a holy temple, ski down the Japanese Alps, climb the Haguro Mountain, visit Daisetsuzan, a national park in Japan, take a white water rafting trip in the Iya Valley, and so much more! To book excursions and discover what else you’d like to do while you are in Japan, you can consult your hotel concierge or you can head to an information center once you reach Japan.

Capitol: Tokyo

Countries Main Airline: All Nippon Airways (ANA)


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