Venice – The City of Love

You can never run out of things to do in Venice, Italy. Riding a gondola down the canals in Venice is one of the most romantic excursions that you can take while you are in Italy. However, keep in mind that gondola rides are extremely expensive, albeit well worth the extra cost. So, go ahead and splurge! You only live once, right? Another option that will help lower the price of a gondola ride is to go with others. While this option is more affordable, it is also far less romantic and far less enjoyable than if you and your significant other hired a private gondola to take you through the canals.


Venice is a great place to catch up on some retail therapy! With hundreds of unique, cute boutiques, you can find amazing pieces in every shop. If you are into art, you can travel to The Glass Museum and several other museums that can be found in the city and its surrounding islands. Of course, you can’t leave Venice without exploring the delicious Venetian cuisine. Chow down on pasta and pizza or enjoy an expensive dinner at one of Venice’s most renowned restaurants.

Country: Italy

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