When Visiting the Netherlands

There are quite a few options for those flying into The Netherlands. Centrally located and easily accessible from other countries, you can choose to fly into a neighboring country or pick an airport located in Holland. The main airport that receives the most traffic in the Netherlands is the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which is located in Amsterdam. There are four other international airports that travelers can also fly into, including Eindhoven Airport, Maastricht/Aachen Airport, Groningen-Eelde Airport, and Rotterdam – The Hague Airport. However, your best bet is to stick to The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport due to its easy accessibility to other destinations within the Netherlands.


While many travelers to the Netherlands tend to gravitate toward Amsterdam and then move on to another country, the true spirit of Amsterdam can be found in the picturesque countryside. There, you will find windmills, tulips, and expansive farms. Traveling to the Bulb Region while you are in the Netherlands is a great way to spend a day off. If you travel to the city of Schiedam, you can see the tallest windmills in the entire world. The Netherlands is known for biking. These are not leisure bikers, the Dutch take their biking seriously and wiz by at incredibly fast speeds. Walking along city streets, you have a better chance of getting run over by a bike than by a car! Seriously!


Capitol: Amsterdam

Countries Main Airline: KLM


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