Visit Croatia off the coast of the Adriatic Sea

Croatia’s 3900-mile-long Adriatic coastline dotted with over 1200 islands, delight beach and sun lovers. Sensational music festivals, and a spectacular rocky coast washed by the cleanest Mediterranean seas, Croatia is a dreamy summer destination, dynamic cultural scene, and priceless architectural marvels can be enjoyed no matter the season.


Croatian cuisine is delicious in itself but has been enhanced even further by a dash of cosmopolitan from international restaurateurs. The locally-grown and -produced wine rivals many a top drop from more established countries.


The city of Dubrovnik is renowned for the architecture and distinctive look of its Old Town. Along with the City of Zagreb being known for its Museum of Contemporary Arts, spread across 17,000 square meters as well as it’s unbelievably-green Maksimir Park, and St. Dominus Cathedral being known as one of the most well-preserved remnants of the Roman empire still standing. You are sure to find great adventure in the country of Croatia. FUN FACT: You might even recognize a few spots from a popular show “Game of Thrones” Croatia is the permanent setting for many episodes of the TV series.


Capitol: Zagreb

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