Beautiful Country of Spain

Spain is a terrific country to visit for business. You will certainly have time to explore whatever city you are traveling to because Spaniards love to take their siesta. While business is fast-paced, when it is time for lunch at around 2 p.m. you will find that even the busiest stores close up shop for two hours to go home and enjoy lunch. Make sure to try paella, a specialty seafood dish known throughout the country.


Beautiful Country of SpainIf you do happen to be in Madrid for business, head to Plaza Mayor and Gran Via. You should explore Retiro Park on a Sunday afternoon. You can rent a row boat, observe art shows, or view various other events that are commonly held in the beautiful park. If you are headed to Mallorca, you should certainty take a day away from the office and charter a sail boat. Known for its luxury yachts, if you happen to be there during the summer, you won’t want to miss their yacht shows.



Capitol: Madrid

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