Traveling to Denmark

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Denmark has a powerful economy and residents generally enjoy a prosperous lifestyle. Denmark is best known throughout history for the Danish Vikings. Denmark is also where Legos were born! Yes, we have the Danes to thank for the popular childhood toy and there is no better place to buy Legos than in Denmark. You can travel to LEGOLAND to get your Lego fix and purchase something to take back with you when you return home (and we’re certain the happy recipient will love you for it!).


When flying to Denmark internationally, you will arrive in one of the country’s five airports; Copenhagen Airport, Aalborg Airport, Malmö-Sturup Airport, or Billund Airport. Once you arrive, you can choose to take either public transportation or hire a taxi to take you to your hotel or the office where you will be conducting business.


While you are in Denmark, take a bit of time to explore the country. Denmark is known for its amusement parks and tourists can choose from Dyrehavsbakken, located in Copenhagen, Tivolv, also located in Copenhagen, Faarup Sommerland, in Blokus, and several others. As we mentioned before, if you are in Billund you must visit LEGOLAND! You can also visit the Copenhagen Zoo or explore the Louisiana art museum in Humlebæk.


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