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Simply Business Class is your one stop shop for all international and domestic flights to Taiwan. With hundreds of flight options to choose from and prices that are up to 70% off, Simply Business Class’ cheap first class tickets will get you to Taiwan for a fraction of the price. Continue reading to find out interesting things to do while you are in Taiwan, or go ahead and check out to find great deals on discount business class airfare!
International flights to Taiwan most often land at Taiwan’s busiest airport, Taoyuan International Airport, which is about thirty minutes outside of the capital city, Taipei. International flights also arrive at The Kaohsiung Airport. Simply Business Class can find cheap first class tickets on Taiwan’s domestic routes if you plan to travel within the country as well. Just mention that you would also like the booking agent to look up domestic routes and the agent would be more than happy to do so.
There is a lot to do and see while you are in Taiwan. If you happen to be in Taiwan in early April, a great way to spend a few days immersed with young Taiwanese is to head to Spring Scream for an outdoor concert. To witness a unique event, experience Buddha’s Birthday at a Buddhist monastery. You can relax by going to one of Taiwan’s hot springs in Beitou, Wulai, or Yangmingshan. You can also enjoy Cherry Blossom Season in Yangmingshan if you happen to be in Taiwan while it is going on.
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