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Once a member of the Soviet Republic, Romania is now experiencing rapid growth as foreign investment continues to help the economy improve. Now that business is booming, there’s a good chance that you might need to travel to Romania to conduct business. Simply Business Class offers incredible deals on international flights to Romania. At up to 70% off first class air fare, Simply Business Class will get you to your destination with ease.
International flights arrive daily to Henri Coanada Airport in Bucharest, Aurel Vlaicu Airport, also located in Bucharest, Traian Vuia International Airport in Timisoara, Cluj Napoca International Airport, and more.
While in Romania on business, a trip to see the Berca Mud Volcanoes is well worth your time. Natural gas eruptions occur two miles below the surface, sending the hot mud up to the surface of the earth. Romania is filled with history. Travel to Vlad the Impaler’s Bran Castle. Vlad the Impaler ruled during medieval times and his castle is also the inspiration behind the famous book, Dracula. If you enjoy Greek history, you can see some of Romania’s ancient Greek ruins if you visit the port city, Constanta. Romania is a great place for outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, running, walking, or other types of outdoor sports, you will find that Romania caters toward outdoor adventurists. Thermal springs are a popular form of respite for business professionals traveling to Romania. Ask your hotel concierge or a local travel office for a recommendation and take a half-day to treat yourself to relaxation.
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