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Despite its melancholy past, Poland is a miraculous country. Under German occupation, Poland was where the Nazis decided to build Auschwitz, the concentration camp where millions of Jews died during the Holocaust. Although not your typical sight seeing trip, traveling to Auschwitz is a must for anyone who is in Poland on business. The tour is grueling, yet fascinating. Prepare for a day of heaviness as you travel to the small town of Oswiecim, located about an hour outside of Krakow. You can choose to take a guided tour that transports you from your hotel to the concentration camp, or you can travel to the concentration camp via train and join a group once you get there. Auschwitz is a full day excursion and afterwards you may want to end the evening doing something a bit more cheerful. For those who are concerned about time, using a travel service is the best option. While in Poland, you can also take a tour of the salt mines. Hundreds of feet below the ground lie sculptures erected out of salt! Most hotels can help you arrange transportation to and from the salt mines. This is usually a half to full day excursion, so prepare accordingly.
Poland has a very rich cultural history and is filled with exciting excursions and tourist attractions. No matter where you travel in Poland, you will notice that the people are extremely friendly! If you need directions or have any questions, they are more than happy to help.
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