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There are various airports that you can fly into in Norway. The Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is the country’s main airport and where most international flights arrive. Simply Business Class offers both direct and indirect flights to Oslo and can help you get there in comfort and style. There are direct flights from both New York’s JFK and New Jersey’s Newark airports.
Norway is a great place to enjoy nature. You can go hiking in Norway’s countless forests, such as in Jotunheimen, Troms, or Dovrefjell. You can ride one of the most vertical trains in the world by going on Flamsbana, which will allow you to see the breathtaking valleys, rivers, and mountains of Norway. Skiing is also very popular in Norway. You can visit the Apls, Telemark, Voss, Geilo, or Oppdal to enjoy some of the country’s best ski resorts. There are even ski resorts that are open in the summer! Norwegians enjoy biking and you can easily find bike rentals everywhere.
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