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If you find yourself in Melbourne on business, you must head down to Melbourne’s central business district. Melbourne’s central business district includes the Hoddle Grid, which connects the city’s southern edge fronts to the Yarra River. The Grid is filled with exciting shops and cafes that are a byproduct of the city’s overall geographical structure. As the capital and most populated city in the state of Victoria (and the second most populated city in Australia), Melbourne, Australia is most historically renowned for the Victorian Gold Rush in the 1880’s. It is also widely known for the influx of immigrants from Europe and the Mediterranean at the end of World War II.

Melbourne is recognized as a city with a strong influence from international cultures. Major events, festivals, comedy shows, musical performances, etc. are frequently held in the city. Australians, particularly residents of Melbourne, are extremely passionate about football. While you are in Melbourne, going to see an Australian Rules football game is a great way to enjoy a night out in Melbourne and to experience Melbourne’s culture.

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