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International flights to Glasgow arrive via two international airports; the Glasgow International Airport and the Glasgow Prestwick International Airport. The Glasgow International Airport is the primary transit route for international travelers and is located only a short distance from the center of Glasgow. Once you arrive, you can reach the city center by taking one of two shuttles; the Glasgow Shuttle or First’s Route 747. You can also take the McGill’s local bus, or purchase a train ticket. Although it is the most expensive option, hiring a taxi is the most convenient and quickest way to reach your hotel. The Glasgow Prestwick International Airport is located farther away from Glasgow and definitely not the best option if you have a choice between the two airports. From the Glasgow Prestwick International Airport, you can take a train, a bus, or hire a taxi to get to the city center of Glasgow.

Glasgow is a great city for architecture. Travel to the Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow Central Station, City Chambers, Glasgow Cross, and St. Enoch Subway Station to take in some of Glasgow’s most beautiful buildings.

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