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Frankfurt is a cultural oasis amid a booming business economy. As the fifth most populated city within Germany, the Frankfurt airport is extremely busy. Frankfurt is also home to a giant train station that is the meeting point for those traveling between Eastern and Western Europe.

Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe and Frankfurt is one of the main machines that keeps the economy growing. As a major city for business, Frankfurt is a common city for expatriates to frequent. The European Central Bank, as well as several other major business institutions, call Frankfurt home.
The best time to travel to Frankfurt is during spring or fall; the climate is relatively cool and the lines are short. Frankfurt has three airports, the Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport, and Frankfurt Han Airport. Once you arrive at the airport, you will be able to reach the city center easily via private transportation, by taxi or private car service, or by taking public transportation via a public bus, or train.

You will find that Frankfurt is an exciting city to travel to, with hundreds of restaurants that offer delicious cuisine from all over the world! Explore the city streets and catch a glimpse of authentic German life while you are there.
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