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The Czech Republic has an interesting past, filled with Communist resistance and a thriving economy. Once known as Czechoslovakia, the Czechs and Slavs have now separated into two distinct countries. After the fall of Communism, the Czech Republic experienced temporary stagnation, but has since grown to become a quickly evolving business economy.
Perhaps best known for the spectacular city of Prague, the Czech Republic has a rich cultural history and a breathtaking landscape. The country was considered “no man’s land” during both World Wars, thus unlike many other European cities, its buildings remain in their true architectural form and were spared from bombing during the constant bombings of World War I and World War II. While in Prague, you can visit the beautiful churches and explore the city center where Old Town Square is located. Take a walking tour of the castle and stroll through the beautiful gardens. Bring a book with you and stop in at one of the bier gardens to watch Czech’s enjoy the evening with their children. If you happen to be into literature, head to Franz Kafka’s grave to see the hundreds of people who visit each year and leave rocks on his gravesite.
Cesky Krumlov is another great city to visit in the Czech Republic. The tiny city is like stepping into your very own Disney movie. The miniature buildings sell authentic Czech products that can be hard to find elsewhere.
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