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The best time to visit Copenhagen, Denmark is from May until August. During the winter and sometimes into the spring months, the days can be unbearably cold. During the summer, the temperature warms up and people enjoy spending the sunny days outdoors. Copenhagen is a great place for those who love art. Wander into the Danish National Gallery, the Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, The Hirschsprung Collection in Osterbro, or Storm P museum. Science fans will love Copenhagen’s Experimentarium, Tycho Brahe Planetarium, the Geological Museum, and the Zoology Museum. If you are traveling with children or just enjoy animals, you can visit the Copenhagen Zoo. Copenhagen is also an excellent city for architecture buffs to visit. If you are interested in architecture, you can head to Rundertarn, Christianshavn, City Hall, Frederikskirken (also called the Marble Church), the Royal Hotel, and the Royal Library to see some of Denmark’s most famous designs.

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