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Canada is a popular destination for business professionals. Located a short distance from the U.S. and home to several major companies, Canada is easily accessible by air. While there are numerous companies that can help you find flights to Canada, Simply Business Class offers the absolute best deals on discount first class air fare. By going to, you can save up to 70% on your next business flight!
If you are flying internationally to Canada, you will probably enter the country via Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, or Calgary. However, those are not the only international airports. Simply Business Class can find flights to any airport that you wish to fly to. Hiring a taxi once you land is the best option for getting to your hotel quickly. There are also public transportation options that vary depending upon the airport that you fly into.
Canada is an expansive country, with numerous things to do while you are taking a break from business. One of the most interesting things to do is to take ride a train through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. You can view the beautiful scenery and relax during the unique journey. If you happen to be in Quebec, you can go to the Carnaval, a tourist attraction that is known as the world’s largest winter festival. Make sure that you pack some warm clothes, though, because Canadian winters can certainly be brutal! If you are in Canada during the winter you can also travel to one of the country’s many ski resorts. There, you can ski, snowboard, or just watch others as they make their way down the mountainsides. Canada is well known for their ski resorts, so booking in advance is always the best option.
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