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As part of the former Soviet Union, Belarus was relatively prosperous in comparison to other areas within the Soviet Republic. However, despite Belarus’ independence in 1991, little has been done to transform the former Soviet Republic into a more “westernized” country. Today, remnants of Belarus’ socialist past are evident by looking at the buildings and the impoverished residents. The per capita income of Belarus is one of the lowest in Europe.
For those who prefer to fly directly to Belarus, you will arrive at the National Airport Minsk, which is located in the country’s capital. Another option is to fly to nearby Vilnius or Kaunas, both of which are located in Lithuania. You can then take a train just a short distance to Minsk.
While in Belarus, some of the main sites that you should see are Khatyn Memorial, a World War II memorial that is located where a former village once stood. Another site, Mount of Glory, was constructed to honor the Russian Army. If you travel to see the Stalin Line Museum, you can view a collection of the different types of weapons from the 20th century. Stop by Nezavisimosti Square while you are in Minsk. This is where the majority of political demonstrations that occur in Belarus take place.
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