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China Airlines is a Chinese/Taiwanese airline carrier that is located in Taiwan. China Airlines is based out of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (located outside of Taipei) and flies to Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe. China Airlines also has a subsidiary airline carrier known as Mandarin Airlines. Mandarin Airlines only flies regional routes. If you decide to fly on China Airlines, you can choose from a variety of classes: Dynasty Supreme Class, Dynasty Supreme Regional Class, Dynasty Class, New Economy Class, or Economy Class. Simply Business Class can help you find airfare for whichever class you prefer. By simply speaking with one of their award booking agents, they can find you the cheapest fare. The Dynasty Supreme Class offers incredibly comfortable reclining seats, a personal TV, personal storage space, access to China Airlines’ private lounge, priority check-in, and much more. Dynasty Supreme Regional Class tickets are for flights that are flying short to medium distances. This seat reclines, has a personal TV, priority check-in, and much more. Dynasty Class offers seats that recline, a personal TV, private charging station, etc. To find out additional details about seat options on China Airlines, call one of Simply Business Class’ representatives today.

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